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   Do you have questions about healing, relationships, spirituality or emotions? All of our life experiences affects our energetic field and it is my intention to help as many readers of the Healing Art Community as I can. I may not be able to answer all questions, but I will do my best. Please give me your question below. Thank you!


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(Monday, Apr 14. 2014 11:16 AM)
I’ve always been the dumped. All of my ex have left me, even though there was seemingly nothing wrong in our respective relationships at the time – no fighting and no conflict. Usual they will leave me when I least expect it and pull the rug out from under me. I’m also sick of being called a “good person”. It seems like guys appreciate women who treat them badly more than women like me, who treat them with respect and care about them and their needs. I’m really struggling with my emotions. Maybe I’m going for the wrong guys?
Answer: Dear Batya, when too much sun to our plant, flower petals dry out. Too much wind or water can be just as damaging to plants as too little also. If you want to have a healthy relationships it is imperative that you know who you truly are, that you can express yourself for maximum, not only be a "good person" for someone. Love and Light, Irmina
(Sunday, Mar 9. 2014 05:27 PM)
Ant dantų atsirado juodų apnašų. Kodėl jos atsirado, kaip jas panaikinti?
Ačiū jums iš anksto už atsakymą.
Answer: Pagal Ajurveda, juodos dantu apnashos rodo storosios zharnos gleivines pakitima (galimas storosios zharnos gleivines pasidengimas juodais pelesiais). Taip dazhniausiai atsitinka kai musu organizmui truksta vitamino A, mes valgome tik termishkai apdorota maista, piktnaudzhiaujame saldumynais ir kava, mazhai mankshtinames… Shiuo atveju reiketu ishvalyti organizma nuo shiu pelesiu ir pakeisti dieta, daugiau judeti gryname ore. Dantis reiketu bent pora kartu dienoje valyti su dantu pasta kurioje yra geriamosios sodos ir juos praskalauti 3% vandenilio peroksido vandeniu (3 valgomieji shaukshtai 3% vandenilio peroksido tirpalo stiklinei vandens). Jei savaites begyje dantu apnashos nepradingsta, reiketu kreiptis i dantu higienista ir su juo pasitarti del tolesnes dantu priezhiuros. Buki sveikute! Namaste, Irmina
Answer: P.S. Naturalaus Vitamino A yra daug: zhuvu taukuose, morkose, pomidoruose, kopustuose, spinatuose, brokoliuose, apelsinuose ir ananasuose.
(Friday, Mar 7. 2014 12:01 PM)
Kaip panaikinti kulnų ataugas?
Answer: Geriausia man zhinoma priemone butu savas shlapimas, ty shlapimo kompresai. Tiesa, jei kulnu oda yra sukietejusi ir skausminga, galima pabandyti ir ugniazholes kompresiukus, bet panaikinti ataugas shi zholele mazhai gali… Namaste, Irmina
Ana Pappas
(Friday, Feb 21. 2014 08:48 AM)
Will my family restored ? Ex : husband come back as good father and good husband or new father and husband ?
Answer: Dear Ana, I hope you are doing well. Life for us is what we make it, so old things never can be new until we do not made a change in ourselves before hoping to change the world... Love you my sister*** Irmina


  Irmina Santaika and RonaldSome time ago, my husband made a suggestion that really touched my heart. He knew that I wanted to get more active and use my knowledge and ability as a Distant Healer, using Bio-Energy. So, he told me that there are many people suffering from a lot of serious illness, and suggested that I simply offer my services to them. And that is what I am doing. Over time, I have discovered others that have healing power and were seeking a conduit through which to heal. Some have joined this Healing Art Community and will bless us with their healing gifts through articles, answering questions and working one on one with clients. To find out about the healers that are available through the Healing Art Community, please go to the Community Healers page.


Distress – The first mental and emotional cause of cancer

HEAD, MRI Sagittal section.
1. Brain. 2. Corpus callosum (splenium). 3. Septum lucidum. 4. Thalamus. 5. Mamillary body. 6.Mesencephalon. 7. Pons. 8. Medulla oblongata. 9. Spinal cord. 10. Cerbellum. 11. Frontal sinus. 12. Ethmoid cells. 13. Concha. 14. Sphenoidal sinus. 15. Genioglossus muscle; tongue. 16. Mandible. 17. Rhinopharynx. 18. Oropharynx. 19. Laryngopharynx. 20. Trachea. 21. Soft palate. 22. Bone of the skull. 23. Internal cerebral vein; Great cerebral vein (called of Galien) and right sinus. 24. Forth ventricle. 25. Anterior arch of the Atlas. 26. Posterior arch of the Atlas. 27. Tooth of the axis (called ontoid process). 28. Optic chiasm. 29. Pituitary gland. 30. Clivus (called basilar cap splint). [source]


Distress – The first mental and emotional cause of cancer
Sunday, January 29, 2012
by: Dr. Keith Nemec

How can you live a stress-free life and prevent cancer and other health problems? By learning to manage your cortisol stress hormone levels and by putting the mental/emotional stress in your life in the proper perspective. Once you know how to balance the physical factors of sleep, diet and exercise along with the mental and emotional stresses in your life then you will restore health in your body and mind. This is critical in any alternative cancer treatment.

It is a fact that high stress is a major contributing factor to cancer and many other diseases. The question is how does stress cause cancer? To answer this, one must look at what the stress response does physiologically in the body. Hans Selye, the father of stress research, said there are two types of stress, distress and eustress. Distress is a longer, more damaging response which negatively affects the organs, glands and systems including the immune system. Eustress is a short term beneficial stimulus to the system. If you run up and down the stairs ten times you feel invigorated. Now if you run up and down the stairs one thousand times you are exhausted and totally drained, so eustress is health boosting whereas distress is health depleting.

The stress response is controlled by the brain via the hypothalamus pituitary adrenal axis or HPA axis. The hypothalamus, which has been called the brain of the brain, is the part of your brain that senses biochemical changes similar to the thermostat in your house. If certain biochemicals go high or low, it triggers the brain to respond. The hypothalamus does so by telling the master hormone gland, the pituitary, to send messages to the adrenal glands to secrete a hormone called cortisol. When cortisol is at the proper level it is anti-inflammatory and promotes health. When cortisol goes too high with acute stress or too low with chronic stress, it causes your immune and digestive systems to shut down, inflammation to increase, blood sugar to rise, hormones to go out of balance and bones to become osteoporotic. When cortisol stays high or low it predisposes you to cancer and many other diseases.

What causes cortisol to go out of balance?

1. Mental/emotional stress (distress)
2. Lack of total sleep and pre-midnight sleep (four hours is ideal)
3. Diet high in sugar, starch or acid forming foods
4. Too little or too much exercise

Cancer can form when cortisol becomes chronically high or low because adrenal exhaustion causes immune system suppression and your immune system is what keeps the individual cancer cells (which everyone has), from growing into colonies called tumors.

The most important stress management plan starts with proper sleep, diet, and exercise along with learning how to change your perception of the situation. When you change your perception you can change your reality and your health. To reduce the mental/emotional distress one must live fully in the moment without spending time thinking about the “if only I would have” past or the “if only I could” future. If you had excruciating pain in your body, what does your mind say? “I am going to die if I do not get out of this pain”. But is this really true? Can you endure the pain for one second? The answer is yes and this is how you will endure any storm in your life, by living one moment at a time instead of living in the past or the future. This type of living keeps your cortisol and immune system in balance and keeps you healthy in mind and body.

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