Female Hair Loss

Admin Staff asked 2 months ago

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G G Staff answered 2 months ago

As we all know, us women love to pamper ourselves and get all done up. We put products in our hair, we add heat to it and sometimes style it in way that can be damaging. All of these things can cause hair loss but let’s not forget our health! Stress can cause hair loss and also a poor diet. I know a few little tricks that can help simply by making healthier choices for your hair.
1: Any type of heat damages hair, put down the tools! Letting your hair dry naturally is a great first step! If you HAVE to use heat ( some of us aren’t blessed with naturally gorgeous hair 😅 ) try to keep it minimal. Blow dry at a lower setting, straighten at a lower setting and maybe curl your hair by braiding it instead of using hot wands.
2: What most of us don’t know is that rinsing our conditioner out with hot water defies the purpose of conditioning. Just like pores, hot water opens up our hair follicles. By rinsing out conditioner with hot water you’re not letting all of it sink in into your hair. After washing your hair rinse it with cool/cold water, it will help your hair retain the nutrients provided by your shampoo/conditioner.
3: Tons of brands advertise products that supposedly stop hair loss but they don’t always live up to what they preach and can be quite expensive. I personally used a few different ones since I damaged my hair a lot when I was younger and a lot of them didn’t work. Honestly, I feel like each individual sees different effects since we all have different needs. Lately I stick to natural remedies like hot oil massages ( coconut oil or argan oil ). Microwave a bit of oil for about 10 seconds or less and massage it into your scalp. I also love doing olive oil masks, I lather my hair with it and wear it around the house for a few hours and then wash my hair as I usually would. Aloe is also very healthy used as a hair mask.
4: Your diet needs to change a bit. Only a healthy body can grow healthy hair. If you have a poor diet it will show! Your hair will become a lot more dull and can also start shedding more. Eat your veggies ladies 😉 I love adding supplements to my diet, I take biotin on a daily basis and also prenatal vitamins. This combination deffinetly helped my hair look healthier!
5: Stress Stress Stress! Life is beautiful, I know we all go through hard times but try to eliminate the stress. Our bodies don’t function as well under stress. Your mental wellness will reflect on your body!

Irmina Staff answered 2 months ago

In natural remedies Onion juice is the most effective way to stop hair loss. You can apply it twice or thrice in a week all over the scalp and leave it on for 30-45 minutes and thereafter rinse it off by the use of chemical free shampoo.
Wait for 2–3 months for the best results. Anyway, it worked for me… 🙂
But, if you notice that there is no regrowth of hair using Onion juice, you’ll have to switch to Garlic juice instead. You can mix Garlic juice and Onion juice together and apply it on a regular basis. Garlic will stimulate your hair growth 10 times more than Onion (Garlic is a stimulator of hair growth; Onion is a healer and it stops the hair loss).
Also you can apply Aloe Vera juice to make hair thicker. Once a week this treatment will transform hair into shiny locks.

AND, stress causes hair loss, so try to avoid it as much as possible you can!
Love and Light,

Ronald Staff answered 2 months ago

Losing a lot of hair (more than 100 hairs a day) can be caused by certain disease or an illness, stress, medicines, injury or hair care.
It often seems that those that live in constant fear about losing their hair may actually contribute to their own hair loss, by giving themselves so much stress and anxiety that their hair may actually fall out.
We all know how unpleasant excessive stress can be. We also know the feeling of sickness we get when we face frustration after frustration.
Because mind and muscle are connected – the central and peripheral nervous systems communicate with each other, here are some recommendations to help you reduce and cope with stress: exercise, meditate, take a nap, get a deep tissue massage and practice yoga. You must learn to relax your thoughts, too and see problems as opportunities, don’t take it personally, because there is no right answer…
Relaxation is very important. You don’t have to take vacation or a break to relax, though doing that is also important. It is important to be relaxed through all of your day, and to also go to sleep in a state of relaxation. Each morning I get up, just sit  doing nothing but drinking my spring water and meditating for about 40 minutes (or more if possible). I relax my shoulders, neck and hips, since these are areas that I commonly tense when I am stressed. I relax my breathing, breathing slowly and gently from my belly. And I relax my mind by gazing out onto the area outside my office window, allowing my mind to also relax. I pause during the day to make sure that I am continuing to be relaxed even as I work. We can work and think more effectively when we relax. I have been a life long martial artist, and I can tell you that one’s reflexes are faster and attention sharper when one is properly relaxed. Relaxation is also very important to our health.