Protecting Against Psychic Attacks


Protecting Against Psychic AttacksWe live in a beautiful world where people use the power of their thoughts like a magician. Some of us realize this fact, some of us don’t. Every thought has a manifestation; maybe good, perhaps bad, could be so minute as to barely be significant or can set major events in motion. Our mind can be used to create powerful healing within themselves as well as others, but also, it can cause havoc in the lives of others or in our own lives.

So let’s talk about the energetic power of our thoughts. Every single one of our thoughts, held with a strong intention and backed by  strong vibrational energy, holds an incredible amount of power. That energy, projected from the mind, travels from the point of the sender to the target that it is intended for. There is no limit to the distance that a thought can travel. Someone who is sending emotionally charged though of happiness or anger can reach someone who is in another town or country. So, somehow the target of that happiness or anger may suddenly feel a wave of very warm and sweet feeling of happiness or find themselves angry without knowing why. Another manifestation is that the target can be confused, without understanding why their emotions suddenly changed.

Now I want to talk about negative thoughts when we are the target and what happens when they have reached us and begin to tear away our vital life force energy. What happen, when we become an open vessel for another person’s negative thoughts? Trust me; it’s a lot like becoming naked, just in a spiritual way. Once our energy field is broken others can mentally impose all sorts of disaster within our magnetic mind which will affect what we experience. The human mind and body creates a field of magnetic energy in order to attract the quality of things that we think. Everything that we want is also a source of energy. We will have no difficulty in drawing negative things to us when we are dealing with a mind attack from a negative person.

One key secret to manifesting what we want is to become full of energy. The more positive energy we have within the body, the more powerful our thoughts. When full of positive energy, we always work at an optimal rate just like an electrical device that requires a fully charged battery. When the battery is low the power is gone from the devise and although it is programmed to do a specific job it simply cannot work. The same is true for our thoughts and having the ability to create forward movement in your life.

Every one of us can remember a time in our life when we went through a period of feeling very worried or fearful. Do you remember how weak it left you and how you were unable to think clearly? Stress drains a lot of energy from our entire being. With a psychic attack, we will experience an even greater energetic loss and our energy field will become much thinner and weak, and sometimes we feel that we are barely alive.

So, who are these “bad” people that attack us? Strangely, they are some of the most unlikely candidates from our life, such as a mother wanting to teach her daughters proper etiquette,  a daughters-in‐law; a wives wanting to put a “curse” on her husband or his mistress for cheating; a co‐worker  simply making tension in the office, or man wanting to trap a certain woman in his life. The list of possible sources of a psychic attack has no bounds or rational order. Sad, but usually around us are many people who hold seething rage, anger and jealousy, who judge others, have a need to make someone appear inferior,  or become upset by insignificant things.

The most common psychic attackers are always those that we know well and they are not always apparent. The most dangerous are those who smile to our face but inside of their minds, perhaps unconsciously, their only intention is to cause us severe grief. It is important to understand that they are really not bad people; they are just motivated by self-hate and mistrust. They are always people who are unhappy with the way their life is going, don’t know how to change their circumstances, which is why they think, if they become psychically or physically violent, they can have what they want.

Are you a parent with teenagers who fight with you on a daily basis? Your home maybe filled with the strong psychic activity of your children. How often do they shout out their wishes in your presence? The same is true for the interactions you may have with your spouse or friend.

Let’s discuss the three basic types of psychic attack:

1- Psychic Assault is a psychic attack when someone actively and purposefully attacks the other’s person energy field with negative intentions. Examples of psychic assault: sending hate to another person, wishing him/her failure, casting a negative spell on them.

2- Psychic vampirism It is when someone drains another person’s energy field with negative intention or is often done unintentional without consciously trying to do it. Unconscious psychic vampirism is very common. It happens when someone is needy and pushy, and everything has to be done in his/her way and has to be about them.

3- Psychic contamination is when a person’s energy system is vulnerable to influence by other people’s energy. If everyone around you is positive, then it’s not really a problem. However, if you are vulnerable and exposed to negative energy you will quickly feel yourself drained. The other person does not intend to drain your energy, but if you are unprotected, you will likely become their victim.

If you find yourself continually irritable around another person or getting angry and defensive with them when you wouldn’t otherwise, then they probably have negative energy that might be encroaching on your energy system. That why it is usually a good idea to protect ourselves energetically while around draining or negative people. Or, maybe better, we should try to limit our interactions with these people as much as possible. While you can’t choose your family, you can choose your friends, your job, and the things you love to do. Choose to be around people who uplift your spirit, not people who are actively working to destroy it or that manage to do so unintentionally.

There are three basic areas of our life where all psychic attackers want to hurt:

1- Finances, such as money and job.  All human beings thrive best on money because it brings them freedom to do what they want in order to live an abundant life. Most people seek this sort of freedom and are quite competitive when they suspect others of doing better than they are financially or in their career.

2- Our personal connection with others. Good relationships, good friends and family members are the foundation of a positive and joyful life. That is why many of us become envious when someone has a good loving spouse or is dating someone they really enjoy. Almost everyone desires fulfilling relationships and many often become jealous when others are experiencing them.

3- Our health. Without good health, we become unproductive and unhappy. Our health always affects our ability to live a rewarding life; it affects the connections we have with others and our ability to produce things that we want.

4- Our self-image. An important aspect of being happy in life is being happy with who we are. This can relate to how we look, what we accomplish or just how we feel about ourselves in general. Others can feel threatened by those with a positive self-image.

These areas of our life are the foundation of a joyful life. When one of these areas is affected, it naturally will bring us down, and when all of these areas are troubled, it can be hard to rebuild your energy and feel successful. Then we become open to all psychic attackers and we attack other people in the same way.

Psychic attack can be very devastating and left unchecked, result in the following:

  • Bad luck
  • Accidents

  • Job Loss

  • Money Problems

  • Chronic illnesses such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Multiple Sclerosis

  • Feeling down or angry with no apparent cause

  • Having anxiety without reason and from nowhere

  • Suddenly feeling cold after meeting someone

  • Bad dreams

But not all of illnesses are caused by outside psychic attack. Cancer and other difficult illnesses are often the results of the individual psychically attacking themselves.

So, how can you protect yourself against it?

The aura is our natural protective barrier at an energetic level. It is made up of layers of energy that surround the physical body. The aura contains the chakra system and the meridians that feed the physical body with life-giving energy, often referred to as Chi or Prana. The aura provides a natural layer of protection and acts in a way similar to the Earth’s atmosphere. The Earth’s protective shield cuts out the harmful radiation from the sun. One of the tasks of our aura is to protect us from incoming energies that could potentially upset our equilibrium. The aura emanates from the physical body for a distance of a few feet and reflects the health and level of consciousness of a person. It is important that we learn to strengthen our aura and protect ourselves from negative energies.

At its most basic psychic protection is about keeping healthy. People with a strong constitution are much less likely to pick up any negative energy. If our aura is kept strong and resilient, any negative energy will bounce off. If we take regular exercise, eat healthy, keep our thinking positive, get enough rest and relaxation, avoiding or at least minimizing alcohol, smoking and drugs, will keep us well at every level.

Alternative way to protect our energetic from psychic attacks:

1- A walk by the sea invigorates mind, body and soul. Being by running water is also very healing. Hilltops are usually healthy places to go, aim for somewhere with clean air, where the breeze can blow through your aura. In a city it is good to go to a park, natural energies, particularly from trees can energize your aura. When the sun shines go outside and feel the sun’s rays topping your batteries off!

2- Stay grounded. Visualize roots growing deep down into the earth from the soles of your feet. Being ‘well grounded’ offers a great deal of protection. Practice your grounding visualization every morning and whenever you feel ‘spacey’. You can carry hematite or another grounding crystal with you.

You can ground yourself by sending a silver cord from your base chakra into the earth and follow it until it stops. Then breathe earth energy up into yourself through the cord and then release all negative energies into the earth. The earth then transforms this energy into positive energy. All the elements have this transformative power.

Signs of Being Ungrounded:

  • Your house and your life are cluttered
  • Difficulty in motivating yourself to do things

  • You often bump into things causing bruising

  • You are always running late

  • You have lots of great ideas that never come to fruition

  • You bank account is always in the red

  • You plan things but they don’t happen

  • Your car breaks down regularly

  • You leave things to the last minute

  • You can’t seem to focus on one thing at a time

  • Being uncoordinated or feeling spacey.

  • 3- Breathing techniques. Breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. Take slow deep breaths and imagine with each breath in, you are breathing in light. When you exhale, you are breathing out anything you want to let go of. Visualize your body filling with light. Continue until you are calm.

    4- Meditation. Meditation is one of the best ways to prepare for energy work, or for that matter, life in general. Meditating on a regular basis keeps you aligned and in touch with your inner self. It clears the debris out of your mind so that focusing on any task is much easier. Therefore, it naturally makes sense that it helps with the intuitive art.

    5- Filling Yourself with Light. The advantage to learning how to do light work is that you do not need any equipment and you can do it any time or any place. Start by doing a bit of grounding or a brief meditation, and then visualize a beam of light from above you entering the top of your head. This light is universal healing energy. Continue to visualize the light coming down through the core of your body and through your hips and legs. Keep the light flowing down through your feet and into the ground. Feel the light anchoring you to the earth as in the Growing Your Energetic Roots exercise. Keep filling yourself with healing light until the negative energies are gone.

    At first you will need to spend several minutes to do this, but with practice, you will be able to draw the light into yourself at a moment’s notice. These exercises help with negative energy and psychic attack, but they can also be used in any situation.

    6- Energy Balls. This is a great exercise for children and adults. It is simple, effective and easy to do. Fill yourself with light and sit or stand with your palms facing each other about an inch apart. Concentrate on the space between your palms. Feel the energy. Move your palms slightly and feel the changes in the energy. You are feeling your own aura or energy field. You may feel or see a ball of energy between your hands. Slowly move your hands apart and expand the energy ball between your hands. If you have difficulty at any time with this exercise, try rubbing your hands briskly to warm them up. Expand the ball. Make it big enough that you can sit in it. Enlarge it so that it is big enough to fill the whole room. (This is great for kids who are afraid to stay in their own bedroom at night.) Intend or tell the ball that it will now be a shield to protect you and keep all darkness out of your room. As with smudging, use a prayer of intention to keep your power strong. Such as “I am fully surrounded by peace and light. I am safe and protected.” Remember to be thankful for the protection that you are receiving.

    7- Energetic Cords. The concept of energetic cords is often associated with psychic attack. The idea is that the person or entity that is attacking you has sent out cords of energy to either suck your energy, or send you negative energy. This need not be a conscious act but the effect is nonetheless real. It is essential to remember that negativity attracts more negativity. Anger and jealousy attract more anger and jealousy. If you return an attack, you are only inviting a stronger attack on yourself. Therefore, the last thing you want to do is try to send negative or angry energy back along those cords. You will only end up creating an ever expanding freeway of negative energy cords that grow stronger with every attack.

    There is also a theory that the cords must be energetically cut away. In my many years of psychic work and energy healing I have found that this is not necessarily the best way to deal with energy cords. Cutting the cords can have a positive effect, but if there is someone who has animosity towards you, they are most likely going to send out new cords your way. You could be cutting cords indefinitely. You should try to heal the relationship with the person. It is great if you can do that on a concrete physical level. If you are in conflict, try to find a positive resolution. If this is not possible, you can still work on healing the relationship at the energetic level so that you can stop the negative energy exchange.

    Try the following steps:

    • Start out by grounding yourself.
  • Fill yourself with light, smudge yourself or use the energy    ball for self-protection.

  • -Focus inwards and visualize any cords of energy that may be affecting you. You don’t need to know who is sending them or why, but if you do, then visualize the person or situation. If you don’t know where they are coming from, ask any cords attached to you to present themselves.

    • Direct healing light along the cords. This energy is coming from the universal energy that is all around you. Do not use your own energy. You do not want to drain yourself. Use the energy of divine love−the same energy you use to fill yourself with light. Ask it to travel along the cords and send healing and peace to whoever is attached to the cords. Continue until you feel that the cords are being healed and dropping away. You should feel lighter. Remember to give thanks for all the help you have received.

    By using method, you are likely to decrease any negative energy coming your way. You are creating peace and healing instead of continuing negativity. It is much more effective.

    8- Energy Mirrors. Another positive way to deal with psychic attack is to use energy mirrors. By visualizing an energetic mirror between yourself and whoever you believe is attacking you, you protect yourself, but you do not attack the other person. You simply prevent their energy from affecting you.

    To use energetic mirrors try the following steps:

    • Start by grounding yourself.
  • Fill yourself with light, smudge yourself or use the energy ball for protection.

  • Visualize a mirror between yourself and whoever you feel is threatening you. You are facing the back of the mirror so that the reflective side is facing the other person.

  • Intend that the mirror will stand for as long as you need it. -Be thankful for the protection you receive.

  • By using this technique, you leave it up to the other person to decide what happens next. They can continue to send negative energy, but it will be reflected back to them. Or they can choose to send positive energy and have that reflected back.

    9- Prayers. Prayers, affirmations and mantras are a way of asking for divine guidance and protection. They help you feel safe and protected, and they call in help from other realms. They are recognized by the powers and spirits around us simply because they are so often used. Saying a prayer is like sending out a beacon or a message that is easily recognized.

    Use what you believe in. Pray to God, The Creator, The Source, or to saints and angels. Archangel Michael is particularly associated with protection and you can ask him to protect you and transmute all darkness into light.

    10- Protective Amulets and Bracelets.  In India and Tibet people wear protective amulets and bracelets. These have precious stones in them or sacred mantras inscribed on them. The ‘Om Namaha Shivaya’ and Tara mantras are both good protective mantras. Protective amulets are also used in Jewish mysticism.

    11- Smudging. Smudging is a Native American practice that uses herbs that are burnt and waved through the aura to cleanse the energy field. The Sage we use for smudging is not the sage you find in your garden. Grey Sage or Desert Sage (Artemesia Tridentata) is the most common type of Sage used for ceremonial purposes and purification. Sweet smelling White Sage (Salvia Apiana) has become more popular recently with healers. Lavender works well when added to Sage. Cedar can also be used for clearing. Sweetgrass is a long stemmed grass that is braided and used after Sage has expelled negative influences to usher in positive energy.

    It is best to smudge yourself outside. If you are smudging inside open all the windows before you smudge yourself. Open all the windows and smudge your room and yourself if you feel bad after someone visits.



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