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My good friend Bren sent me a link to an article about a potential scam called “The Quantum Vision System.” Not my place to say whether or not it’s a scam, but sure reminded me of some time share presentations I’ve sat through. Whoever put the videomercial together had certainly done their homework. There were some valid points, however, that I’d like to comment on:

Eyeglasses make your vision progressively worse. My personal experience bares this out. I did RK in 1983, noticed that my vision was getting to be a problem again in 2000, got glasses, and instead of gradual regression, everything plummeted from the moment I put those glasses on. Bates, in his book “THE CURE OF IMPERFECT SIGHT WITHOUT GLASSES,” includes an excerpt from the Encyclopedia Italiana: On a tomb in the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore in Florence was found an inscription which read: “Here lies Salvino degli Armati, Inventor of Spectacles. May God pardon him his sins.”  I concur with the point that Bates was trying to make, eyeglasses are a crutch that are quite bad for us.  I didn’t need eyeglasses in the first grade, I need help to learn how to see correctly, I need self-confidence.

Though I had to agree with the videomercial about the benefits of natural vision improvement and the pitfalls of conventional vision correction (e.g. eyeglasses, contact lens, LASIK), I do not encourage anyone to seek overnight cures for vision improvement. I am currently doing natural vision improvement after regressing from my 20/20 achieved with RK in 1983. I had good vision from the operation for 17 years. But due to the same old vision habits, went back to being once again dependent on eyeglasses. At that time I had never heard of William Bates and thought the use of eyeglasses or more corrective surgery was my only path.

It is important to note that success with vision improvement is really difficult to come by, because poor vision is the result, normally, of effects and visual habits attained in childhood. I’m talking about the core problems of near and far sightedness that affects us when we are school children. We are prescribed with glasses, but as we age we want freedom from them, and we take quick fixes like RK and LASIK, only to find that our brains are ingrained with certain visual habits that return us to poor vision.

Although eye exercises are part of a visual improvement program, so is a reprogramming of the brain about our visual habits. I have met no one personally who has succeeded at true vision improvement naturally, but please don’t take that as an indication that it doesn’t work. I believe that there are people who have cured their imperfect vision through natural means. Most people fail in trying to achieve improved vision naturally because they try to fix their eyes, without understanding the need or how to address brain patterns that are related to vision. Although for me it has been a slow and difficult path, I continue to find very noticeable improvement, and when I do attain perfect vision, I intend to write and teach what I have learned, but I promise, no infomercial!!!

II would like to recommend some teachers about vision improvement that you may find helpful; I have purchased books from Janet Goodrich some years back and another from Peter Grumwald, entitled EYEBODY, which was really good. Another great teacher is Meir Schneider. All are long time teachers in vision improvement, each with their own unique approach and understanding. I intend to write more about this subject. In the meantime, search the internet, but be reluctant to pull out your credit card. There are good, reliable resources out there. Find them and start your journey!

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