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The following was provided to HAC by Renata Juodiene and translated by Ron Stiles and Irmina Santaika Stiles. To say that it was authored by Renata would not be quite accurate, because it is a writing she received through a process called channeling. For those of you not familiar with channeling, it is a communication that a person receives from a non-physical entity, generally intended as information to benefit people. During the translation of the channeling, our objective was to change the intent only to the degree necessary to get it from Renata’s Lithuanian and into English.

RENATA J.hac“Recently, I received a wonderful gift, an Icon of the Holy Maria, which was painted and sent to me by my dear friend Irmina, whom I love deeply and am grateful to her for it. Icons emanate warmth and love and always warms the heart. I have to say that up to this time I had no sacred paintings, paintings of religious themes in general in my home. I do not remember ever praying to Holy Maria… Today, however, I took the icon, held it to my breast and asked Holy Maria to help me unravel my thoughts and feelings that had become knotted and tangled threads… I needed help with my situation because I don’t know how to proceed. Then I picked up a piece of paper and started to write just anything that came to mind, completely without adjusting or editing the sentence structure or language. I noticed that some of the words that came to me were different than those that I normally use, but I didn’t pay attention to it, and I did not go deep inside to think about it, I wrote what came even though I didn’t know from where they came. I just knew that they specifically mean for me.

*Meilė is Lithuanian for Love

Love (Meilė*) is like the sun that shines day and night, through clouds and darkness.
Love is like a dream in which one never stops enjoying the spring.
Love is like when gathering berries in the spring and their taste fills your whole Being and their smell brightens the day.
Love is the light that overcomes the darkness no matter how impenetrable it is.
Love is the joy when the stork brings a bent twig.
Love is something you desire and are able to experience every second of every day.
Love gives us joy even in the midst of an infinite sea of sadness.
Love is what you strive for every day.
To love another is respect for the Father; to love yourself is respect for the Universe.
We love each other and we know that it will never end. We love each other and wait for the love of ourselves. We want to hurt each other, but love does not allow that, because you are that which was created by God the Father and Mother Earth. Because you are the image of the Father in all things, because you have to be as clean as an empty vessel filled with wonderful liquid- Love, Divine Love is meaningless words if you observe them but don’t apply them to your life.
Love for yourself and others will conquer the darkness that is all around you. Wait until the sun touches the earth and you will again be able to shine like the sun, with love, joy, and health. Wait until the storm passes and you will again be able to stand firmly on your feet and be solvent. And the day will come into your life and will persist a long time and there will be no need to grieve and ask, how or why, but just go the way of life, and pray to the Highest, that He would give you what you want and for which you wait. There is no need to fear and flee the way of the hardships because they still catch up, instead, wait for the grace of God so that you can say, “Enough, I have enough, I want to live well and freely. Done. “Do not lay upon yourself too high demands, which cannot be accomplished. Live this day and rejoice in what you have.
Love will come in its own right and all is ready; just wait until she comes. And it certainly will come quickly. You cannot put constraints on love. It only frustrates and puts shackles around it and strangles love.
Love exists where the flowers bloom, like the lily of the valley, like a daisy, like the trees whispering in the wind and the sun is shining. Let go of the negative, do not torment yourself, release like a mother letting go of a son, painful, but necessary, because you know that it cannot be in a different way, no other way will work. Let go and ask whether you’re happy now. “

Source: Renata Juodiene, “Meilė”



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