Healing Sounds and Bio-Energy Therapy

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If you search the internet, you will quickly come up with a wealth of information in response to “Healing Sounds.” There are many variations of Healing Sounds or Music for Healing, Meditation and Relaxation. To create a proper understanding of what is being discussed, it is helpful to understand the difference between Healing Sounds and Mantra Meditation, Relaxation and Healing Music.

In some practices, the Healing Sounds consist of the Sanskrit alphabet vowel Sounds or Mantra Purusha, or the Seed Sounds (referred to as short Bija Mantras) for each of the Chakras; in others, as the Six Basic Soundless Sounds for Health.

Our focus in this article will be sounds that have a musical quality to them, although, there may be more about them than just mere sound.

The purpose of a Healing Sound is to relax the body, to harmonize the Chakras; release negative energy stored in our organs and in some cases, actually embeds the Healing Music with specific Bio-Energy – often referred to as Prayer. Some readily attribute to their sounds as music, while others insist that their sounds are harmonic vibrations intended for a very specific effect on the client’s emotions and ultimately the connected organs. Healing Sounds are often produced and distributed the same as music, meant for the general populace with the sounds targeted for people that suffer from specific issues. Even more specifically, Healing Sounds can be created for a specific individual, especially designed for that person’s issues.

Sound, on its own, can be therapeutic even without a deliberate healing aspect being intended such as the case with the short Bija Mantras. A search of the internet will identify a number of formal studies on the effects of music on people, most notably with regards to their learning ability and brain activity. Far less scientific research exists for Healing Sound therapy and Bio-Energy Healing, if any at all. After all, there is no pharmaceutical product to be proven safe and effective, that will ultimately result in millions or even billions of dollars worth of drug sales. What you have instead, are the testimonials of healers and those that have been healed. Those testimonials are generally insubstantial when weighed against the large clinical studies that have hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes millions, backing them. However, one should perhaps be somewhat weary of these clinical studies that will someday result in large profits for a company.

There is a great deal of information available about Healing Sounds. However, a recent search of the internet found very little about the use of Bio-Energy in conjunction with Healing Sound. Sounds can effectively be combined with Bio-Energy, an approach that adds an important dynamic to the Healing Sound’s purpose and effectiveness.

Bio-Energy has been used in healing for thousands of years and is a core element of Shamanic Healing practices. It would also be accurate to say that Bio-Energy Healing is a specific Prayer for the individual being healed.  The healing power of Bio-Energy does not come from the healer, it comes from God, the Universe, Nature, or however your belief system feels comfortable labeling it. A Bio-Energy healer simply understands how to use this energy to help other people, the same as a physician understands how to dispense medication to treat a physical symptom in traditional modern medicine.

The world around us is full of energy that is intelligent and alive. It is the same energy that is the basis of the physics by which our world operates and exists.  There is nothing mystic about Bio-Energy fields and there is no witchery or hocus-pocus at work. The work of faith healers, that of Edgar Cayce and many other examples of healers has been and is accomplished through Bio-Energy, regardless how they called it.  The existence of our planet and all biological life on it is under the influence of Bio-Energy.  Many ancient Eastern Healing traditions, such as Acupuncture, are based on maintaining a balance of an individual’s Bio-Energy, often referred to as Chi.  The combining of Bio-Energy fields with Healing Sounds allows for a powerful tool to help treat a limitless spectrum of issues regardless of whether they are physical, emotional or spiritual.

Prior to further discussion about how Bio-Energy is used with sound for healing, let’s talk about sound itself.  There is, after all, a reason for using sound as a medium for Bio-Energy. The gateway of sound into the human body is the eardrum, which is connected to every organ in the body with the exception of the spleen. Perhaps more importantly, this sound floods the brain with information that affects every organ, every muscle, our blood and bones and each individual cell. Therefore, sound has the ability to affect how we feel.

Those of us old enough to remember classrooms that had blackboards can certainly remember the horrific, screeching sound of someone dragging their fingernails across them. The sound could make you literally run out of the room, or maybe throw something at the person making it! On the other end of the spectrum, imagine a relaxing moment that you have experienced lying beside a running stream with birds singing in the trees above you, or a walk along the ocean with seagulls crying out to each other as they circle overhead. Such tranquil moments bring us into harmony with nature and with ourselves. There are also sounds that make you cry from happiness or bring back memories, sounds that vibrate like camertons in all your physical and energetic bodies – these are Healing Sounds.

In the same way that the naturally occurring sounds around us affect our wellbeing, so does the music that we are exposed to. Some forms of music are chaotic, loud and harsh.  People often like to listen to the music because they feel the energy from it, but don’t realize that the energy may be dis-harmonizing and causing stress on their bodies, minds and spirits.  Music has the ability to influence us; it can make us feel patriotic, feel closer to God, induce romantic feelings or bring us to tears. Classical music has often been cited as having the ability to help us focus our minds at work or during study.  The following link discusses the Mozart Effect and is filled with amazing information related to the power of sound.

Music and sound can have profound effects on us, one that will vary greatly from individual to individual. The above link will take you to an article published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. This article offers credible research that suggests that certain sounds have not only the ability to make us feel better, but can also be therapeutic in the instance of illness associated with the brain’s function. This will be addressed later in greater detail in this article.

It would be a serious omission to leave out the power of the human voice and the spoken word.  A rich resonate voice that kindly tells us that it is time to leave, eat, or go to bed, has a completely different affect than the exact same words spoken sharply or shrilly.  The voice can harmonize or it can disharmonize, it can meld two souls together in a loving relationship or it can split them apart or bring them to blows.

Though Healing Sounds and music, such as Mozart’s Sonata for Two Pianos, both have healing qualities, it is important to note that they are not the same. Mozart’s sonata is a masterful musical composition, while Healing Sounds are not intended as music, but as tools for healing. Healing Sounds will vary in how they are composed, their purpose, instruments used and how they affect the listener, but always with healing as the objective, not entertainment. A great deal of knowledge and effort goes into creating effective Healing Sounds.  Physical and mental disorders are most often, and perhaps even always, the result of our emotions.  How emotions cause illness is in itself a separate and extensive discussion, one that much has been written about from many different perspectives.  Certain sounds and notes have a harmonizing effect for certain emotions, working in our subconscious to restore our normal balance of energy and vitality. Some sounds are relaxing for everyone, such as moving water, wind and other nature sounds.  In Bio-Energy Fields Healing, it is the belief that physical maladies occur as the result of our Chakras being blocked because of stored negative emotions. In the ancient science of Bio-Energy Healing, practitioners, such as shamans, use certain musical notes to alleviate these blocks. Therefore, it is necessary that the Healing Sounds be carefully composed to combine soothing sounds for the soul with the key healing notes in such a fashion that they will help the listener to release stored up negative energy in the affected Chakras.

During scientific research into the Mozart Effect, it was discovered that the emphasis on the power of particular notes was a common factor in music shown to have a therapeutic effect. Healing Sounds are not limited to just these notes. The full spectrum of notes has an impact on our energetic bodies. Thus a Healing Sound created for a particular condition will contain much more than just the notes in Mozart’s sonata, and will consist of a specific arrangement to effect healing.

There are a myriad of instruments that can be used to create Healing Sounds. The most powerful musical instrument for the creation of Healing Sounds is the human voice. No other instrument can carry the vibration and fluid energy that a well trained, love filled voice can. This is further supported by the Vedas (scriptures) of India. These Ancient Scriptures teach that music is the medium by which Cosmic Sound is manifested and that the voice has the greatest potential for manifesting these cosmic sounds that can fill an individual with Healing Energy. The Vedas further explain that only the human voice can perfectly create the delicate subtleties of spiritual feelings that are necessary for spiritual, emotional and physical healing. The voice of a spiritual healer, combined with other sounds, such as singing bowls, cedar flutes, and sounds of nature such as flowing water, rain, wind and birds singing, can have a profound healing effect upon a person. This is true regardless of whether or not a person is ill. Healing Sounds are very beneficial for everyone to create inner harmony. All of us have repressed emotions at some level, and finding ways, such as listening to Healing Sounds, to let go of them is necessary to not only heal, but to prevent future illness.

If the Healing Sound is designed for a specific issue or problem, it can also be charged with specific Bio-Energy Field – Prayer. Healing Prayer originates with thought, and provides information to God and the Universe. Thoughts and information are energy, and since we are energy, it can change us. It is this same Bio-Energy that a healer can actually add as healing information to the music.  This information is Prayer, and is specifically directed at the problem being addressed. The Healing Sound is designed to help the listener to harmonize their Chakras to release stored negative emotions.

Sound is a simple, effective and inexpensive method of helping alleviate the suffering of individuals that experience Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy, Parkinson’s and ailments too numerous to name. While the initial research into the Mozart Effect focused on the Sonata’s impact on spatial reasoning, subsequent studies revealed its significant impact on patients suffering from Epilepsy. In 23 out of 29 epileptic patients exposed to the Sonata in one study, there was “a significant decrease in epileptiform activity.” While this definitely did not constitute as a cure, the ability to use sound to reduce the symptoms of any malady should be more fully explored. Medications being used to treat Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other conditions are not a cure either.

Irmina Santaika of Healing Art Community, a Bio-Energy practitioner and Healing Sound creator, has found very noticeable success with various diseases of children and patients with Alzheimer, Dementia, Parkinson and Depression symptoms, during her many years of providing Bio-Energy Healing.  She makes no claim to have healed any individual of these conditions, but has experienced numerous occasions in which the symptoms and suffering were substantially reduced and in some cases, even enabled normal functioning. Her treatments varied; with some it was the use of Bio-Energy without Healing Sounds, with others, it has been with the use of Healing Sounds charged with specific Bio-Energy field – prayers for healing. Her preferred approach is to learn about an individual and then create a Unique Healing Sound, charged with prayers for healing specifically for that person that can be used for a lifetime. As demonstrated by the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine concerning the effects of sound on Epilepsy patients, examples of scientific research into sound healing exist for other areas:

  • Ten patients with a mild condition of Alzheimer’s showed considerable improvement in autobiographical memory and the ability sustain attention as a result of listening to Vivaldi’s “Spring” movement from a Four Seasons sound track. They also had significant reduction in anxiety.
  • Exposure to music has been proven to reduce high blood pressure through significantly increased serum calcium levels and neostriatal dopamine levels.
  • There have been studies, particularly in Italy that show demonstrable improvement among Parkinson patients when exposed to various types of music. There was no single type of music that was effective, but it varied between patients. The studies have shown improvement in movement, emotions and quality of life. It is believed that the music used stimulates production of dopamine and serotonin.

It is important to point out that the majority, if not all, of the clinical research that has gone into the healing effects of sound use music. The author is not aware of any clinical trials or research involving alternative Sound Therapy such as the Shamanic practices, Tibetan bells or singing bowls.  After all, there’s no big pharmaceutical company that will rake in billions of dollars based on the results of such research. What is important to note is that the use of Healing Sounds is a non-invasive and inexpensive alternative therapy. A patient has the choice of using them instead of modern treatment or in conjunction with it. A good example is a patient going through chemotherapy for cancer; Healing Sounds can be used to recover from the chemo itself.

All of us are different and each of us has our own assortment of baggage that we have accumulated in our life, and perhaps in past lives. While listening to a Healing Sound created for certain issues can certainly be helpful, it can be even more powerful when a Healing Sound is created especially for the individual. This requires that the individual speak directly with the healer so that the issues are thoroughly understood and agrees to be healed. This agreement to be healed is very important on several levels. First, it is not ethical for anyone to interfere in another’s life without their permission. This includes healing. Second, it is important that an individual take personal responsibility for their own healing.  The Healing Sounds will release the stored negative emotions, but true healing requires the individual to make life changes to prevent future problems. This includes diet and dealing with unhealthy relationships. Lastly, the individual has to really want to be healed. This may sound absurd, but at some subconscious level, there may be a desire to have the illness in order to get attention and sympathy or to avoid responsibilities that seem too heavy to bear.  Remember, much of what affects us is hidden deep in our subconscious, making it difficult to see.

May your healing journey be fruitful.
Love and Light,

 Ron Stiles


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