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We sometimes feel that we have set expectations of ourselves too high and then have to struggle to achieve them. As such, we could end up feeling like a failure because we have not been able to achieve what we want on a spiritual, physical or material level.

What is the solution? We can set meaningful goals for ourselves and know that God has given us the means to achieve them. We may find that there are people in our lives that we are allowing to hold as back and prevent us from fully realizing our dreams and goals. Notice that I said “that we are allowing to hold us back. “  You are in charge of your life, and if you allow someone to hold you back, then that is a choice, not a law of nature that you are dealing with.I am no expert on religions, but expect that most of them recognize that God created us as beings who have freewill. I’ll go a step further and say that He also gave us the ability to create our own realities. So, if you feel held back, shake off the feeling of frustration and prepare to take a ride on the wild side. God created a world and a universe with the tools and resources for all of us to be happy; we just need to recognize the opportunity that we have and jump on board.If you are not satisfied with your life as it is, please allow me to make some suggestions as to material that you should consider studying. All of the books below are available on Audible.com. I recommend them because they have and continue to change my life:

  1. Three Steps To Happiness: Healing Through Joy by Jacob Teitelbaum, MD. (also available as CDs at  Plow Shear Press).
  2. The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham by Jerry and Ester Hicks.
  3. Theater of the Mind by Matt Furey.
  4. Secret To Attracting Money by Dr. Joe Vitale.
  5. Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.
  6. Psycho-Cybernetics: Updated and Revised by Maxwell Maltz and updated by Dan Kennedy.

Some of the above books are very wealth centric. However, whatever you want in life, you can use the principles in these books to attract. it. Whether it is health, a meaningful relationship, wealth or some other personal attainment, these books, written by diverse authors, each will provide instruction on using the tools that God has provided us for reaching our goals and being all that we want and can be.

…until next time, enjoy the ride…

Love and Light,
 R. Stiles
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