Emotions and Diseases


readingsIn metaphysics people believe that every element of ill health has an underlying spiritual/emotional root source. By examining the root cause you can determine the emotional & energetic blockages that require looking at, changing your thoughts/limiting beliefs or healing. 

These blockages hold you back through past trauma and events. They can prevent you from moving forward in life and reaching your full potential. 

The Skeletal System

ANKLES: Important for grounding, stability & mobility. Support our entire weight. Is your support system letting you down? Unable to stand alone. When our beliefs are being questioned, there is nothing to hold us upright.
SPRAINED ANKLE: Lack of flexibility for the direction we are going in. Can’t put your foot down about some issue, won’t take a stand for your truth. Unwilling to step forward.
SWOLLEN ANKLES: Holding of emotional energy, frustration or resistance to letting go. Weight of emotional burden too great.
HEEL SPUR: Holding on tight to reality, a stubborness indicating a fear of change.
COLD FEET: Emotional uncertainty, withdrawal or resistance to what lies ahead.
LEG INJURY: Not having a leg to stand on.
KNEE WON’T FLEX: Not willing to give in to authority.
KNEE WON’T EXTEND: Giving in, unable to stand up to authority.
HIP: Fear of moving forward.
LOW BACK INJURY: Most dominant value or issue of one’s life is being threatened, for example, family, relationships or finances.
SCOLIOSIS: Mother & father issues, trying to please both parents, mainly involves the daughter.
SHOULDERS: Carrying other people’s problems for too long. Burden of taking everything on for others. Unable to reach out.
FROZEN SHOULDER: Where are we giving or receiving coldness?
ELBOWS: Are we opening our arms to embrace the world? Fear of opening to the future & not embracing that which is ahead of you. Elbowing someone out of the way or elbowed out of the way.
HANDS: Giving & receiving. Can’t hold on or can’t release. We want to reach out & touch, but fear of insecurity is holding us back.
SWEATY HANDS: Nervous, anxious, scared about what you are doing.
COLD HANDS: Withdrawing feelings from an activity or feeling fearful of being involved.
PINS AND NEEDLES OR NUMBNESS: Person doesn’t want to feel.
FINGER INJURY: Pointing the finger.
NECK INJURY: Futility, not knowing which way to turn. refusal to see other person’s point of view because of fear. Stiff, inflexible thinking.
HEADACHES: Self criticism. Fear. Invalidating the self. Dislike of being driven. Resisting the flow of life. Sexual fears. Conflict inside yourself about how you will do & what you will say or what you will accomplish. One part of you is looking forward to an event & other part is fearing the event.
MIGRAINE: Not listening to the message of your soul, conflict with the inner voice, resistance to listening to inner voice.
JAW PROBLEMS: Generalised stress, wanting to express & holding back. Can’t swallow.
RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS: Overly self-critical or judgmental attitude & low self esteem. Not living up to parent’s expectations.
RHEUMATOID HANDS: Not able to give because hands can’t open, desire to hit out at something.
JUVENILE RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS: Fear of the loss of a parent, or support of a parent. Fear of being alone.
ARTHRITIS: Criticism, wearing away, stiffness, deep resistance or fear of movement. Overly critical attitude & resentment towards what one is doing or what is being done to them, which results in wearing away joy & gratitude. Resistant & hardening of one’s attitude towards life or expression of feeling. Not expressing our deeper feelings. Anger, irritation or frustration with ourselves or someone else. Inflexible thinking. Rigid joints become useless because they have lost their purpose, which is movement.
INFLAMATION: Resistance to what is happening, a build up of angry emotions. Irritating issue that is restricting your expression. Feel hot & fired up inside. Critical & inflexible.
INFECTIONS: Boils. Anger.
CHRONIC PAIN: Long term fear & guilt.
BONE FRACTURE: Inflexibility, resistance to going with the flow. We break when there is resistance to movement. Feeling fractured & split into pieces. Deep split or conflict at the very core/centre of our being. Divided loyalties.
BRITTLE BONE DISEASE: Entire core & foundation of one’s existence is threatened. Top value system is threatened. Whole reason for being here is threatened.
SCLEROSIS: Anger, not living up to expectations.
OSTEOPOROSIS: Thinning of life force flowing through the bones due to a sense of giving up.
SCAR TISSUE: For example, calcification, degenerative joint disease. Unwilling to let go of the lopsided perception. Stuck consciousness. Locked in attitudes. Anger, hardness.
ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS: Calcification, rigidity, scar tissue. Value systems are rigid.
PAGETS DISEASE (THICKENING OF BONE): Hardening of consciousness. Priority or core value burdening the person or putting stress on the person’s body. Trying to live up to parent’s authority. Outer soft persona (soft spoken, calm, gentle) holding in their repressed anger – deep hard persona.
MOTOR NEURONE DISEASE: Unable to express anger.
MULTIPLE SCEROSIS: MS restricts and limits movement indicating that the expression of feeling is being suppressed. Moving in a direction one doesn’t want to go. Unable to deal with change. Feeling of lost opportunity. Losing a sense of self and purpose and direction.


The Respiratory Tract

LUNG: Frustration, grief, not being able to do things your way.
ASTHMA: Inabiltiy to inhale, have inspiration for life. Inability to breathe for one’s self. Feeling stifled. Suppressed crying. Can’t breathe – can’t enjoy life because not satisfied with yourself, and doing things that are not in your best interest. Frustration of not finding a way of pleasing the parents. Doing things the way others want you to.
SINUS: Irritation at one person. Feeling scattered and overwhelmed. Frightened about the future. Low self worth and low self esteem. Unable to break free of old patterns. Don’t know which way to go to solve the issue. Repressed grief and unshed tears. Need to release blockage to become unstuck.
PHENUMONIA (INFLAMMATION OF THE LUNGS): An issue inflaming your feeling about breathing – taking in of life. Feeling exhausted or overwhelmed by burden of having to cope. Longing to stop and take time out. Needing help but unable to ask for it. Has someone knocked the wind out of you?
EMPHYSEMA: Not doing things your way. Not being yourself. Can’t exhale, so can’t get enough life.
ALLERGIES: Rejection of people, places, events and objects. Who or what is annoying or aggravating you? Allergic to yourself and aggravated with what you’re doing or not doing to yourself or for yourself.
COUGH: Wanting to get rid of the emotions of not being your own master.
COMMON COLD: Virus attacks you because of negative attitudes. Leaving yourself out and not being in control of yourself. Crying or grieving that is being repressed. Unshed tears. This can follow the death of a loved one or an emotional shock. Have you gone emotionlly. A common cold is called common because it is common not to express how we feel.
INFLUENZA: (means to come under the influence of): Not wanting to do what someone else has told you to do & feeling guilty. Someone or something is having a strong influence on you, therefore, creating doubt & undermining sense of identity or purpose. Allows time to build your inner strength.
BRONCHITIS (Bronchii bring air to the lungs & take used air back again, therefore, communicate between the inside & outside the world): Needing to get something off your chest. Needing to release & let go. Feeling smothered by someone. Coughing & bringing up mucus rather than sharing your feelings. Something irritating you that you need to externalise. Thinking that you’re not doing things your way.
NOSE BLEEDS: Damage to a blood vessel because not satisfied with yourself, therefore, pushing yourself too hard to show that you can do things just as well as others.


Cardiovascular disease

No love or joy in one’s life. Extreme feeling of loss. Not expressing love & joy with other people.VASCULAR PROBLEMS: Relates to circulation, which is giving & receiving joy. Hopelessness, futility, confusion, cannot fulfil purpose.
STROKE: As for Vascular problems.
ANGINA: Perception of a loss or something missed.
HEART ATTACK: Giving & receiving joy is blocked. Not living for yourself & blocking yourself from living your purpose.
VARICOSE VEINS: Unwillingness to receive joy. The more distal. the more prolonged the block to receive.
ANEURISM: Splitting the 2 sides of an artery. Division of male & female energies. Block between male & female sides of one’s parents, one’s self or one’s children. Anger with mother or father.
INTERNAL BLEEDING: Hiding of internal sorrow.
HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE ( Blood = life energy within a body, movement/circulation of love & vitality through the body): Increased pressure. Anger. Stress. Feelings not being expressed, creating a build-up of inner pressure.
LOW BLOOD PRESSURE: Resistance to entering into life fully & fearlessely. Inner weakness & desire to pull back, unable to stand without feeling dizzy or overwhelmed.
ANAEMIA: Decreased number of red blood cells, issues with the masculine side. (Red blood cells have an aggressive function because they transport oxygen for the body to function).
HAEMOPHILIA: Not loving yourself for the things you believe you have done.
LYMPHODEMA (Blocked Lymphatic System): Similar to venous system, white blood cell problem. Swelling of lymph glands. Perception that not receiving joy or love from the mother.


Gastrointestinal System

BLOATING/FLUID RETENTION: Accumulation of your emotions in the small intestine.
ULCERS: Eating at you, trouble doing something to resolve an issue. Inability to assimilate the new.
GALL STONES (Gall Bladder Stores & Concentrates Bile): Bitterness, hard thoughts, condemning, pride, resentment. Unwilling to let go of the perception of being locked in. Trying to please others but feeling bitter about it.
LIVER- HEPATITIS, CIRRHOSIS, CANCER ( the liver detoxifies): Anger & primitive emotions. Chronic complaining. Justifying fault finding to deceive yourself. Not learning about why you allow others to hurt your feelings.
STOMACH (Function of digestion, absorption, churns & breaks down food. Part of the defence mechanism of body during digestion with gall bladder, pancreas & small intestine): Can’t take in new ideas, can’t stomach it, can’t digest it. Churning it over in your mind. Prolonged uncertainty. Feeling of doom, inflexibility, resistance, over sympathetic. Fear of new, can’t break it down.
PANCREAS (Neutralises acid chyme from the stomach as it enters the small intestine & secretes insulin & glucagon in carbohydrate metabolism): • HYPERGYCAEMIA/DIABETES: Unwilling to listen to anyone, not willing to be directed. Stuck in self-righteousness. Bitterness, especially towards father. Anger & frustration because life seems to have lost its sweetness. • HYPOGLYCEMIA: Listening to everyone’s opinion, will do whatever the person is told by others. Stuck in self-wrongness persona. Low self worth, wanting to be directed. Infatuation with mother. Anal retentive. • CYSTIC FIBROSIS: Constant destruction of pancreatic system. Sweetness/bitterness issue. Trying to please everyone but didn’t get attention. Trying to get attention through anger, resentment & didn’t get attention, therefore, bitterness. Trying to please everybody but holding all their bitterness inside. Futility in trying to get attention from the parents.
SMALL INTESTINES (Assimilation and absorption of nutrients): IRRITABLE BOWEL: Refusal to take charge. Not assimilating and completely scattered. Victim mentality. Trying to please everyone.
COLON (Collects, stores & moves waste products of digestion): CROHNS DISEASE/COLITIS (Abdominal pain, diarrhoea, constipation, bleeding, ulceration): Inflexible opinion, fear of letting go of things from the past. Holding onto old beliefs and ideas that they feel fear and guilt about. Insecurity, fear and nervousness when confronting the unknown, strong belief that you are not good enough. What is twisting and distorting you?
DIVERTICULITIS: Holding onto issues with the mother. Supressing one’s own activity. Fear and guilt about being unsociable and not outflowing one’s own emotions.
HAEMORRHOIDS: Wanting to pass on knowledge but believing it will not be accepted. Bleeding due to anger. Holding onto anger backs up to liver. Trying to push or force some issue in one’s life.
DIARRHOEA: Letting go of your ideas, goals, issues when you believe you can’t have what you want. Feeling that you have been emotionally hit in the guts. The feeling that you are being poisoned by an issue or another person. Something you want to get rid of because there is too much to deal with. Not knowing how to assimilate your feelings, feeling helpless inside. Lack of absorption.
CONSTIPATION: Suppression of one’s ideas, opinions and holding on and not expressing it. Fear of the future, fear of the unknown, uncertainty about what lies ahead.
HERNIA: Wakening or collapse because because one tries to cope with too much at once and strains under the weight. Person strains to do everything right and therefore, pushes too far. Inner longing to release what is being restrained.
APPENDICITIS (Appendix aids the immune system and is a filter connected to the intestinal tract): Breakdown of the ability to filter incoming reality and to protect ourselves from that reality.



CANCER: Deep hurt, long standing resentment eats away at the body. Deep secret or grief eating away at the self. Carrying hatred, futility. Last ditch effort to get person to love.
BREAST CANCER: Not appreciating one’s nurturing side. Never wanting to nurture or not having the opportunity to nurture.
BRAIN TUMOURS: Deep core value system screwed up. Spiritual belief undermined, their connection to God has been cut off. They have lost the belief that there is someone watching over them.
TESTICULAR CANCER: (TESTICLES STORE CREATIVE FORCES) Repression or expression of creative forces in one persona. Extreme elation or depression about creativity particularly sexual creativity. Extreme fear or guilt about sexual expression or suppression.
LEUKAEMIA: Disconnected with the feminine side. Issues with the female. Anger & resentment with the female. Self righteous feminine persona. Increased number of white blood cells (part of the protective, defence, immune system).


Skin conditions

SHINGLES: High overwhelming stress, something you don’t want to face that is totally humiliating you. Feeling guilty about what you don’t want to face, you fear you will be found out about. Issue of unworthiness brought on by stress which depletes the immune system. A deep anxiety or inner pain that has been building up over a period of time.
PSORIASIS: Unwillingness to face something. Believing you are not worthy of loving or living. Wanting to please a parent, no matter what the child does, can’t get appreciation from parents. Feeling of deep shame or guilt about an issue, so covering up the skin as a mask.
ACNE: Not wanting to face up to new things, so living in the past. An eruption of all the conflicting & tormented feelings locked inside. The eruptions represent the longing for release to accept yourself & find your inner beauty.
ECZEMA/DERMATITITIS: Feeling unworthy or inadequate. Trying to keep the world at a distance. Someone or something getting under your skin, or feeling overexposed. Extreme sensitivity to circumstances & emotions around you. Isolating & locking yourself inside because of fear in coming out.
VITILIGO: Skin pigmentation. Thinking yourself as ugly & not wanting to face looking at yourself. A dominant self-deprecating persona.


Female reproductive system

UTERUS (Home of creativity, symbol of womanhood & femininity): Anger at the self. Hatred of the body & of the feminine side. Self righteous & dogmatic thinking, critical of others. How you feel about being a woman, or about having or not having children. Do you live up to the image your mother instilled in you? Do you find femininity over burdening & hard to deal with?
FIBROSIS (Benign tumours found in the uterus): A soft tissue lump indicates thoughts & attitudes that have been suppressed for so long that they have taken a solid form. Issues relating to femininity, sexuality, motherhood. Unexpressed guilt, shame or history of abuse. Unwilling to let go of sexual inhibitions. Since the uterus is where a woman nurtures new life, there may be conflicts about nurturing, for example, giving to others while feeling unnourished yourself. A desire to keep everything the same by blocking your creative forces.
PREMENSTRUAL TENSION: Resentment towards having a menstrual cycle when having to work or resentment towards work. Struggling to prove yourself as a woman, would rather be a man. Resenting monthly reminder of being feminine. Finding it hard to flow with nature, preferring to be in control & dominate instead of submitting. Guilt, shame, lack of love for the self. Would rather not have a menstrual cycle or would rather not be working.
MENSTRUAL PROBLEMS (painful menstruation, irregular cycles, cramps, increased & heavy menstrual flow, amenorrhoea, continual menstruation): Desire to get pregnant or a fear of parenthood. An inability to surrender to the body’s natural rhythms & flow, therefore, creating a blockage behind which your feelings gather. Confusion about your role as a woman. or resentment towards men. Competing against others for another person’s love. Not loving yourself, & not realising that all the love you need is inside you. Rejection of one’s feminine side.
ENDOMETRIOSIS/OVARIAN CYSTS (create menstrual problems & hinder pregnancy): Deep conflict of being fulfilled as a woman or expressing your femininity, or wanting to be a mother or not. Resenting the children you already have. Your femininity has been repressed or abused. You perceive that your partner is rejecting you. Repressing your sexuality. Inner conflict with creating and finding your own path.
THRUSH (Yeast-like organism which infects warm damp areas): The yeast is kept in check by the acid/alkaline balance in the vagina, but if balance is upset due to emotional causes or because of antibiotics killing the natural flora, the the yeast flourishes causing a white, foul smelling discharge. The discharge indicates discharging unacceptable feelings. An infection implies that something is irritating you and making you angry, such as having to be intimate, or being intimate with the wrong person. Feeling sexually abused or exploited. Feelings of guilt, shame or repressed sexual feelings.
INFERTILITY: A woman’s unwillingness to be like her mother. Unwillingness to go through what her mother went through. Shutting down of feminine side. Unresolved childhood abuse creating an unconscious fear of having a child. Fear the responsibility, or feeling inadequate, unable to cope, especially financially. Believing that having a child is the only way life will have any meaning for you.
MENOPAUSE: Fearing the purpose of your existence since your role as a mother has diminished. Fear of the ageing process and of inevitable change taking place, and that you are no longer in control of your body. Menopause is a stopping of blood flow and may mean you have stopped loving yourself, as if your feelings are drying up inside.Hot flushes may indicate the fire of anger or fear, and so the body is burning the past releasing all the old ways.



ADRENAL GLANDS (Body’s ability to deal with stress): Defeatism, victim mentality, no longer caring for self. Anxiety paranoia, can’t figure it out.
ADDISONS DISEASE: Needing to maintain control over everything.
KIDNEY (Fluid balance, filtration of blood, excretory function):
KIDNEY STONES: Condensed thought patterns and emotions that have not been shed, solidifying. Holding onto insecurity or sadness and unresolved grievances.
THYROID (produce hormones for growth & cell regeneration & repair, regulates metabolism, blood calcium levels & oxygen consumption, important for nerve growth):
GOITRE (Swelling of thyroid gland): Feeling that you are being choked by too many responsibilities & overwhelmed by life.
HYPERTHYROID (Increase in thyroid activity causing weight loss, irritability, nervousness, perspiration & weakness): Fear of responsibility, selfish & self centred attitude. Expressing something you wish you hadn’t. Talking too much, gossiping, rage of being left out.
HYPOTHRYROID (Slowing down of thyroid activity resulting in depression, tiredness, weight increase, low body temperature): Losing the will to live. Feeling hopelessly stifled. Not expressing something & wishing you could. Unfulfilled expectation of spouse. Insecurity.
GOUT (Increase uric acid in joints & uric acid is removed by urine): Anger and being stuck – since joint is inflamed. If old emotions not released, they begin to crystallise causing rigidity & inflexibility.
BLADDER (Body’s way of releasing emotions that are finished with & no longer needed): Don’t want to let things out, paralysed will, timid, wishy-washy.
CYSTISIS: Burning inside because you can’t get what you want. Holding onto inflamed feelings.
PROSTATE: Sexual pressure or sexual guilt. Holding back sexuality. Inability to accept pleasure. Insecurity. Mental fears weaken the masculing essence. Dogmatic thinking & critical of other. Prostate is involved in reproductive abiltiy & thus reflects concerns of ageing men. A retired male may feel he has lost his purpose as the breadwinner & perceive himself as useless & his power draining away. Can be associated with financial difficulty or fear of having material security reduced. Males that are out of touch with finding love & have difficulty in expressing these inner feelings & are using sex to find love.
TINNITUS: Reminding you to listen to what is being said rather than being distracted. Makes you focus inwards & listen to your own voice. Unwilling to hear something.
CATARACTS: Unwilling to see what lies ahead especially in the elderly. The fear of helplessness, sickness, loneliness. Withdrawing behind the cloudiness creates the illusion that nothing is changing. The person perceives there is no light in their life.
AIDS: Massive fear, major self rejection, self blame, self depreciation. Usually a long term, deep issue with the father. Person doesn’t feel worthy about being alive. Allowing yourself to be controlled by what society thinks about you, thus no inner peace resulting in a weakened immune system.
AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE: The immune system attacks itself. The body fighting against itself, rejection of self. Feeling that your life isn’t valuable. Carrying guilt, shame or blame from the past that is destroying your self esteem, self respect & self worth. Having an intense hatred of yourself. Being disappointed in yourself & overly critical of yourself.
LUPUS (Very primitive type of collagen (connective tissue) disase.): Person has self wrongness persona that can’t face things & can’t prioritise or order things. Very scattered consciousness trying to do too many things in order to please too many people.
LEPROSY: Comp;lete annihilation of who they are. Total self depreciation. Feeling unworthy of being around. “I hate myself, I don’t want to look at myself.”
POLIO: (Muscle Wasting): Withdrawal from motor expression, trying to do something that one believes is not possible & having a feeling of futility about ever acccomplishing it. Unwilling to express something or to take action.
PARKINSONS DISEASE: Fear of breaking society’s rules, conditions & myths. Fear of social rejection. Perception of being humiliated in a social environment. In the stress of not getting what you want, you revert back to the reptilian stage of evolution which means a destruction of the Basal Ganglia, resulting in decreased motor control. Self righteous persona hides their self wrongness persona. Fear in not believing in what you do and say. The muscle tremor is a reaction to your guilt in not understanding that you teach what you need to learn.
EPILEPSY: Overwhelming brain noise with thousands of secondary associations of a major lie that is perceived unforgivable. An event considered unlovable that causes guilt & you’re constantly reminded about it daily. Not accepting the way you do things. An internal breakdown triggered by unexpressed pressure that overloads the circuit. You are “seized” by emotion. A conflict between your inner world and the world around you. A separation between reality & your inner perception, or separation between yourself & the divine.
VERTIGO/DIZZINESS: Confusion, spinning around in consciousness. Not knowing where you are going & where to direct your energies. Not able to commit to something, going around in circles.
CHRONIC FATIGUE: Ingratitude for life. Not working on priorities. Not clear on purpose. Scattered mind. Emotionally run down & overwhelmed.
GLANDULAR FEVER: Living in the past and tiredness due to constant outflowing and not taking in new insights or ideas. Not accepting yourself, hence, not using your creativity, intuition. Being inflexible and not knowing your direction. Fear of failure.
FEVER: Not wanting to be told what to do and it makes you boil inside.
MENINGITIS (Meninges protect the brain): Core issue deals with absolute feeling of hoplessness and complete overwhelm. Entire foundation in business or relationships is shaken. Child can be overwhelmed by the parents. Feeling of futility with spouse. No support for one’s purpose.
INSOMNIA: Sleep allows us to regenerate and recuperate. We sleep when we surrender to ego. Fear of what will happen without our awareness. Not trusting ourselves with others. Mind filled with doubts and fears, fear of dying. Ingratitude for the experiences and lessons of the day.
ANOREXIA: Low self worth because of guilt and shame. Longing to be loved and nurtured so person reduces their size so as to reduce the demand for that love. Diminishes a maturing teenager’s sexuality, keeps the body like a child and undeveloped. Desire to escape from the reality of becoming a woman. Not loving yourself, hence self destruction.
BULIMIA: Conflict between wanting to be perfect and love for life, and self hate and guilt. Refusal to allow anything nourishing to touch you on the inside. Not knowing how to obtain spiritual growth and because you overeat you throw up what you don’t need.
OBESITY: Put up physical barriers to let no one in because they don’t want to face what is going on. Protecting yourself from your own illusion. Storing emotions of loneliness.
CELLULITE: Not appreciating one’s own body. Issues about your sexuality. Liver metabolism problems.
FAINTING: Not wanting to face up to what you need to learn. All your plans and goals have become obsolete.
STUTTERING/DYSLEXIA: Inferiority complex and needing self acceptance. Seeking attention. Fear of taking over a fatherly, authority role.
BEDWETTING: Over-dominant parent, child trying to seek attention. Not knowing how to get what you want.
AUTISM/CEREBRAL PALSY: Infatuation by parents of the child being a genius.
ALZEHEIMER’S DISEASE (degeneration of the brain): Losing your sense of purpose especially as this disease affects the elderly. Feeling helpless, powerless, lonely. Fear about financial survival and about what lies ahead. A problem of non use, person is shutting off – “I’m not going to deal with this anymore”, many times because of spouse. Resenting the fact that you don’t know what to do with your life. Not willing to stand up and change your life.
SCHIZOPHRENIA: Person undergoing extremes back and forth, the split hemispheres arguing. Cannot love something in their life. Perceiving that the devil made them do it and thus looking for the saviour. Separation of good and evil, self and other. A major lie that is life threatening to them that they feel extreme fear and guilt about. Extreme exaggeration or minimisation of an event, issue or person.



Lise Bourbeau, a world renowned specialist on listening to your body,  explains that our body  sending signals to our mind that we should pay attention to.  If we could interpret what these symbols mean, we could change our thought patterns, our beliefs, and through such increased awareness, we could heal ourselves.  Louse L. Hay, author of bestseller “Heal Your Body”  telling us, that pain and symptoms become a trigger, a reminder, of where we might be blocked, and what we might want to readjust in our lives. 

There is NO SUCH THING as an accident! Usually comes from anger turned on to ones self; need for a break; or a change of direction; need for sympathy & support.
Physical block: Because an accident is an unpredictable event, we often believe it happens by pure chance. But now increasingly we are told: “There are no accidents.” Nothing happens by coincidence. I believe that chance and accidents are tools the Universe (God) uses to get our attention. Just make note of what part of the body has been injured and how seriously. These are important considerations when trying to understand the metaphysical cause of the accident.
Emotional block: Accidents are interpreted unconsciously as punishment, as on a deeper level we blame ourselves and accuse our inner self. We feel responsible for what goes on around us. For example: a mother, tending to her chores, hears her child calling from the next room. She feels the child can wait and, continuing with her chores, trips and hurts her leg. If she asks herself: “What was I thinking just now?” she realises that she was accusing herself of being a neglectful mother. Hurting her leg was punishment for being such a mother, one that did not want to go to her child. Accidents are a way to neutralise our guilt, to punish ourselves. Unfortunately, all this goes on unconsciously.
Mental block: Your definition of guilt needs to be revised. According to our legal system, a person is declared guilty when it has been proven beyond a shadow of doubt that harm was intended. Each time you blame yourself or feel guilty about something, ask yourself if you intended to do harm. If not, stop accusing yourself in your mind. This will help you to stop punishing yourself with ‘accidents’.
In the example above, do you think the mother intended to harm her child? Nothing happened that she needs to punish herself for. When someone is actually guilty, the law of cause and effect will prevail and will exhibit itself in his character. A wise and responsible person is one who recognises when he is at fault, and asks forgiveness of the person he has wronged or hurt. In doing so, he creates harmony that will come back to him as harmony and acceptance. This is Divine Justice.
If your accident was an unconscious way of giving yourself a ‘break’, it is important to remember that you could have accomplished the same thing without injuring yourself physically. It would be much less painful to simply make your request known.
If your injury is significant and painful, such as a fracture, it is an indication that you are consciously or unconsciously suppressing violent thoughts directed at someone else. By nature, violent thoughts cannot be contained and may instead turn inward against yourself. Liberate yourself by communicating your feelings to the other person, forgiving yourself for having the thoughts in the meantime.
Spiritual block and conclusion: To uncover the spiritual block that keeps you from responding to the needs of your BEING, refer to the Key Questions at the end of this article. In answering these questions, you will come in touch more easily and accurately with the true cause of your physical problem.

The computer centre where we create all that is happening in our lives. Important to treat to keep in balance so we put our lives in order on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual).

Conflict or indecision – often wanting to do one thing, but feeling you should do another. Self-criticism, with- held emotions.

Conflict, Suppressed resentment, perfectionism, Sexual fears, or fear of being close, letting someone in to close. Feeling driven or pressured.

Anger, resentment, having a need for revenge. Not letting go.

Tooth Problems
Being indecisive, not being able to break down ideas for analysis & decisions. Fear of making incorrect decisions, feeling incapable of defending ones self.
Wisdom tooth impacted – Not giving yourself mental space to create a firm foundation
Root Canal – Root beliefs being destroyed. Can’t bite into it any more.

Gum Problems
Inability to back up decisions. Being wishy-washy about life.

Mouth Problems
Being closed minded. Not able to discuss new ideas or possibilities.

Nose Problems
Self recognition, can’t stand someone or something or situation in your life, difficulty taking in life, cutting self off on a sensory level for fear of feeling your suffering or, distrust, fear, someone you love is suffering. Difficulty in social adjustments.
Nose Bleeds – Crying out for love & recognition.
Runny nose – Asking for help inner crying.
Stuffy nose – Not recognizing your own self worth.

Need to get rid of someone or something which is irritating or boring you.

Sinus Problems
Suppressed tears/grief, irritation with/to someone close to you.

Pink Eye (conjunctivitis)
Anger / frustration at someone/something. Not wanting to see. Discomfort in seeing something that arouses anger & desire to close your eyes.

Represents the capacity see clearly- Past, present & future. Also to do with our inner vision. What don’t you want to see?
Short sighted – Fear of future (what is going on out there) – Not looking ahead enough, not seeing things in perspective;
Long sighted – Fear of the present (What is under our noses) -Living in the future, ignoring details; Astigmatism – Fear of seeing the self, Distorting your reality;
Glaucoma – Feeling under pressure, suppressing all emotions. Also related to reproductive system – sexual difficulties, menstruation, dysmenorrhoea, menopause etc. Cataracts – Inability to see ahead with joy.
In children – Not wanting to see what’s going on in the family.
Sty – Looking at life through angry eyes. Angry at someone
Strabismus (lazy eye) – left eye wandering upward – Extremely sentimental & emotional personality. Right eye wandering upward – emotional intellect, someone who easily lets their thoughts wander. Left eye wandering outwards – purely instinctive activity, your great sensitivity commands your actions, which ends up contradicting what you said you would do. This is totally unintentional (not ill intended). Right eye wandering outwards – Awkward or clumsy relationship between the mental aspect & the object being viewed, the intellectual mind tends to go in circles & there is a predisposition to depression. Left eye wandering inwards – inferiority complex due to fear, you rely too heavily on your sensitivity, forgetting a large part of yourself. Right eye wandering inward – great susceptibility. Thoughts & attentions are directed too much at yourself. Generally you tend to be combative & vindictive. Left eye wandering upward & outwards – irrational personality, daydreamer, who has lost all concept of time & tends to be ungrounded. Right eye wandering upwards & outwards – irrational, undisciplined & even amoral mind.

Represents capacity to hear – hearing others, being heard by others, blocking out “what we don’t want to hear?” Not hearing inner guidance. Fear of rejection, feeling isolated. Anger or too much turmoil. Problems –
Earache: Anger, Not wanting to hear, too much turmoil, parents arguing
Tinnitus – Too much noise going on inside the head, capable of hiding their fears & want to give the impression they’re well balanced, often occurs in people who berate themselves for “not walking their talk” or “practicing what they preach”

Centre of expression & creativity. Problems – Inability to speak out. Suppression of words, thoughts, beliefs. Humiliation, feeling repressed or put down. Feeling as if you never get to do what you want to do.

Fear of speaking up

Sore Throat
Holding in, angry words Feeling unable to express the self. Not expressing your self verbally; resistance to change, or to starting your life’s work.

Insecurity, lack of self expression. Not being allowed to cry.

Neck pain
To do with flexibility, Problems – Stubbornness, inflexibility, indecision, refusing to see another’s side or position, guilt or inadequacy- Who or what is a nuisance/ pain in the neck?

Shoulder pain
Carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. Feeling like life’s a burden. What are the burdens you are carrying? Are you carrying others’ worries or responsibilities, at your own expense? Are you willing to let go, or to seek help & support?
Right – Burdens & responsibility carried for others (family & business, world)
Left – Burdens & responsibility carried for our own lives, spiritual, mental, emotional growth. Guilt

Centre of love & security. Problems – Longstanding emotional problems, lack of joy, blockage of love in or out of the heart, imbalance of giving & receiving. A lack of compassion, not feeling like your emotions are valid or considered.
Lack of joy, dealing with issues from anger not love.
Heart attack – Squeezing all the joy out of life, in favor of money or position.

Hardened narrow-mindedness, caused by sadness & criticism. Blocking the joy of life.

Breast Problems
Mothering, nurturance, femininity.
Left – Feeling unloved, refusal to nourish ones self, putting everyone else first.
Right – Over protection, over bearing, difficulty in giving love.

Breathing Problems
Fear or the refusal to take in life. Not feeling worthy to take up space.

Respiratory Ailments
Fear of taking in life fully

Inflamed family environment.

Lungs /Asthma
Our ability to take in life. Emphysema – Problems with Fear or taking in life.
Asthma – Inability to breath for ones self Feeling smothered, overprotected, suppressed tears, feeling you have’ No Right to breathe’ ; feeling unworthy of living fully; blockages around giving & receiving; ambivalence about being here. Depression, grief or fear of life. Not feeling worthy.

Where we process & sort out our feelings. (Alcohol – which attacks the liver – can be used as a way of avoiding looking at our feelings, but at a very heavy cost. Anger & fear stored over long periods

Adrenals/ Kidneys Problems
Adrenals are the shock absorbers of the body, any trauma, shock or stress registered here, healing of the entire autoimmune system affected by this centre, Criticism or shame, feeling like the one you didn’t do enough.

Kidney Stones
Lumps of undissolved anger.

Anger gone into bitterness

Problems – sweetness gone out of life, not being able to enjoy life. Fear of rejection, being too nice. Diabetes – longing for what might have been, need to control, where we store our feelings

Pituitary Gland
Feeling out of control, or not in control of your own destiny.

Obsession, storage of unfinished business, particularly around relationships & death

Ruptured relationships, feeling the burdens

A giving up, better to die than stand up for ones self. Anger & punishment, self-destruction. Feeling like you have no purpose. Easily dominated.

Longing to be loved or held

Resistance of new experiences. Not able to move freely, or with ease.

Storage centre for unexpressed feelings of anger/fear. Problems – unresolved situations relating to anger/fear/guilt. This relates to current emotions, which if not dealt with, are then put into long-term storage else where in the body

Dread, fear of the new, not feeling nourished.

Where we digest ideas (from parents, teachers peers, rules etc) something you cannot stomach, being asked to take in new idea(s); or experience(s) which you ‘cannot digest’
Violent rejection of ideas, fearing the new.

Fear, rejecting an idea or experience, feeling threatened by a situation or person at that particular moment, being sick of someone or something around you.

Solar Plexus
Ignoring “gut reactions” or your own intuition

Heart Burn
Clutching on to fear. Not trusting in the process of life.

Dread or anxiety of an up & coming event

Fear; being ‘driven’; perfectionist; feeling unworthy. A strong belief that you are not good enough.

Bone Problems / Deformity
The structure of life/universe. Mental Pressure & tightness

Broken Bones
A broken bone suggest , rebelling against authority & that your basic ‘support structure’ feels under threat – perhaps your family, your career, finances or self image; or that you are trying to break free- but it feels dangerous ( notice what the broken bone has stopped you doing, or what it has postponed, for clues of what your afraid of doing)

Linked with giving (Right Hand) & receiving (Left Hand); holding on, & letting go; reaching out to others. Grasping on too tight, not wanting to let go. Not handling this too well.

Wrist Problems
Not being flexible on an issue or situation. Not handling things with ease. Stubbornness.

Finger Problems
Thumb – Worry, always thinking. ”Being under some ones thumb”. Index finger – Fear of authority, or egotistical: abusing your authority. Middle finger – Anger or insecurities of intimacy. Ring Finger – Grief of love, issues with commitment. Little Finger – Ignoring your own creativity, or issues with linking to family.

Can’t hold onto life’s experiences

Suppressed hurt or resentment; inflexibility, not being flexible, not able to change directions or accept new experiences.

Our mobility; our willingness to move forward, fear of the future, not being able to carry things forward.

Carries body in perfect balance. Major thrust in moving forward. Problems – Fears of moving forward in major decisions, stored anger & fear can create fat barrier, stubborn anger, vulnerability/ unprotected shows in thinness. Storage of childhood traumas

Shin (s) Problems
Breaking down your ideals. Not living up to your own standards, or not being able to meet your standards. Setting your standards to high?

Flexibility in thinking support, Stubbornness, Inability to bend, stubborn pride. Inflexibility, hurt / resentment from childhood. Left knee is internal, emotional support & support from mother. Right knee is external support such as job, money, friends & support from father

Represents mobility & direction – Inflexibility on what your stand is linked with pleasure & sexuality (2nd chakra). Inability to receive pleasure

Represents our understanding of others & yourself. Problems with feet are generally to do with fear of the future & not wanting to step forward in life, Staying grounded, security, & survival (1st chakra), ‘Best Foot forward’ – stepping into future

Heel Pain
Wanting to move in direction of your goals, but hesitate because you don’t feel sufficiently supported by others, preferring to have consent of others prior to making a move. You feel guilty about needing someone on your heels & acting without others approval. Feeling of being stuck in one spot.

Stubbed Toe
Watch your footing, stay grounded

Left Side
Taking in, Connected with ‘feminine’ aspect of the self, & Mother, woman, love

Right Side
Giving, putting out, “The do side” or physical side Connected with ‘Masculine’ aspect of the self, & Father, or men

Back Pain
Represents our support system, what we are backing away from. What is back there in the past – Feeling hurt unsupported; suppressed resentment, self-pity; trying to be perfect; taking your self too seriously
Upper Back -Lack of emotional support, feeling unloved, holding back love
Middle Back – Guilt, stuck in all that stuff ‘back there’, get off my back!
Lower Back – Fear of money, lack of financial support, financial woes & concerns. Storage of anger, sexual stress
Slipped Discs – Feeling unsupported in life.
Spine Problems – Not feeling a flexible support in life
Sciatica – Insecurities about future, unconscious fear of lack of material abundance. Carrying a grudge, repressing aggression, refusing to submit to someone, or an idea in relation to material aspects of life. Life has become too dull unlike the pain in your leg.

Tailbone injury
Worries about survival & security – e.g. financial worries, fear of mortality, or fear that you ‘Cannot Survive’ without your partner, your house or your job

Arthritis/ Rheumatism
Strong resentment, bitterness; self-criticism; inflexible approach to life. Feeling unloved & criticized.
Rheumatism – Feeling victimized & blaming others for your unhappiness. Lack of love of the self & feeling unloved, chronic bitterness projected towards others.
Rheumatoid Arthritis – Deep criticism of authority, Feeling very put upon. Difficulty expressing the self & saying no. Having difficulty asking for help from others & doing what brings joy. This allows resentment to build while waiting for others to telepathically figure out what you need. May even have thoughts of vengeance when others don’t figure it out. Indicates emotional paralysis & is a self destructive disease.

Not wanting to move in a certain direction. Anger & resistance to change

Blood Disorders
Linked with ‘Blood Relatives’ (I.e. who ever you define as your family); emotional problems or conflicts within these relationships. Lack of joy or lack of circulation of ideas.

Blood Pressure – High
Suppressed anger & resentment towards family members (e.g. partner, parents) Hypertension – Long standing emotional issues which are unresolved.

Blood Pressure – Low
Giving up, lack of commitment to being in the world. Lack of love & defeatism “what’s
the use attitude”

Longing for what might have been. No sweetness left in life. Joy gone out of life

Trying to be perfect, demanding too much of self & others

Self punishment

Intestinal Tract

Not allowing your self to be nourished; refusing to ‘take in’; running away from something, letting go of old feelings, thoughts etc, without dealing with them due to fear. Fear & rejecting. Running off or away from someone or something.
Clinging to the past; holding back emotions; refusing to let go; lack of trust, refusing to release old ideas, holding feelings in
Feeling out of control

Bowl Problems
Fear of letting go.

Fear of deadliness, afraid to let go & move on.

Gas Pains
Undigested ideas or concerns

Stored anxiety/ being pissed off

Urinary Infection
Feeling “Pissed off!” usually at the opposite sex or lover

Feeling ‘Pissed Off’’ (Especially with your partner)

Yeast infection
Denying yourself of your own needs. Not supporting self.

Sexual Guilt or pressure, feeling spite against a previous mate

Female Problems
Denial of the self & rejecting the feminine aspects of the self

Premenstrual Syndrome
Uneasiness about womanhood, not trusting in the natural flow of life, not owning your power. Allowing confusion to reign. Rejection of feminine process.

Inability to express or accept your own areas of creativity. Problems – Anger with men, issues around birth (miscarriage, abortion), issues around sexuality & violation (rape, incest, abuse)

Problems at Menopause
Fear of no longer being wanted.

Menstrual Cycle Problems
Rejection of ones femininity. Guilt or feeling dirty

Venereal Disease
Sexual guilt, feeling a need for punishment. A belief that sexual intimacy is a sin or dirty

Testicle Problems
Not accepting Masculine – principles, or the masculinity within

Sexual guilt, anger around women, issues around birth & sexuality around women

Alzheimer’s disease
Shutting down; Escaping from the world; running away from emotions. Refusal to deal with the world as it is, Resentment, bitterness

Returning to the “safety” of childhood. Demanding care & attention.

Not trusting the flow of life, not living in the present. Over active imagination always looking back at past experiences, causing worry about the future.

Fear, anxiety, always rushing, not living in the now, worries about what people think

Denying your own power. Who or what are you allergic to? Having a strong dislike for someone else & can no longer tolerate that person. Difficulty adapting to a person or situation & are far to easily influenced by others & their opinions, especially the ones you wish to empress

Refusing to trust in the process of life, to go with the flow, ignoring spirituality. Giving up, rejecting life “I’d rather die than change”

Fear of life, or lack of joy. Lost love of life, difficulty accepting their incarnation possibly to point of losing will to live. “A yes but attitude”. Becomes hopeless, discouraged & dependant on others, losing touch with their needs & desires.

Self-rejection, feeling inadequate “what’s the use”

Running away, not facing the fear or love of the self

Denying the self of life. Extreme fear of rejection. Rejecting feminine, Mother issues, ungrounded & easily drifts off in to surreal existence & is never fully present.

Hopeless terror, purging self hatred. Fear being abandoned. Obsessively needy, mother issues. Lack self control. Confusion regarding female aspects

Over weight
Fear, feeling a deep need for emotional protection. Running away from feelings, insecurity.

Anger burning up inside. Guilt, punishment. Burning attitude… who or what is making you “flaming mad”?

Fear, tension. Trying to control everything & not trusting in the process of life

Cutting off of psychological protection, no longer feel protected & experiencing fear from which you can’t escape on your own. Difficulty asking for help from others & maybe overly protective towards other to hide your own vulnerability

Birth Defects
Karmic. Dealing with unfinished business

Animal – Anger turned inwards.
Bug – Guilt over small things

Manifestations of unresolved issues, accumulation of emotional pain (sadness sorrow) over a long period of time to cushion the blows received by the ego. Lack of forgiveness.

Suppressed grief & resentment; feeling hopeless/helpless, lack of meaning or purpose; suppressed need for ‘growth‘, fear, something eating away at you (Notice where the cancer is for further clues

Nursing old hurts & shocks. Building on remorse,

Carpel Tunnel
Anger & frustrations at life seems injustices.

Feeling pressured & frantic

Resisting change, not being able to take it all in

Any disease ending in with “itis” is often a representation of fear.

Cerebral Palsy
A need to unite the family in an action of love.

Clogging the channels of joy.

Cold Sores
Festering words of anger & fear of expressing them

Suppressed anger, burning up.

A desire to bark at the world “Listen to me!”

Responding to mass negativity. Putting too much faith in statistics

Common Cold
Too much going on at once. Mental confusion & disorder. “What’s eating at you? “ Deep hurt secret or grief. Self-pity suppressed tears; need for a break, confusion & uncertainty,

Feeling desperate, not allowed to heal deep emotional wounds “drowning under it all”.
release of toxins

Viral Infections
Lack of joy flowing through life, living through bitterness.

Mental irritation, annoyance with surroundings.

Quiver / Shake
Feeling hopeless, Can’t regain control of ones life.

Running away from the self, family or from life.

Fear, trying to escape from something or someone.

Self punishment for not following your own rules.

Anger, hopelessness. State of mind to retreat to in order to escape feelings of pressure. Unresolved issues with opposite sex parents.

Flighty Scattered thinking.

Fear, cannot cope blacking out what is really going on.

Irritation, anger or annoyance about a recent situation

Suppressed anger,

Feeling defenseless & hopeless, Denial of the true inner being or sexual guilt

Immune System Deficiency
Lack of self-confidence, feeling powerless or defensive, trapped in self-pity, yearning for love

Fear, not trusting the process of life

Un-satisfaction, having desires that go against the grain “itching to get out”, inability to allow yourself to indulge in your desires through guilt or you believe someone or something stands in your way, this frustrates you.

Nail Biting
Frustration, eating away at ones self

Oedema (Holding on to Water/fluids)
Not letting go of the past, feeling the need for protection

Self punishment, feeling emotional guilt.

Poison ivy / poison oak
Feeling defenseless & open to attack

Irritation over delays

Fear of being hurt. Deadening the senses of the self. Refusing to accept responsibility for your own feelings.

Skin Problems
Breaking down your ideals, not living up to your own standards, or not being able to meet your standards. Setting your standards too high. Connected with self-image, how you present your self to the world; Red inflamed skin conditions –
boils/burns: Suppressed anger,
Weeping skin conditions: suppressed grief,
Dry scurfy skin: Cutting off your emotions, living too much in your head,
Spotty skin conditions: Adolescent issues (e.g. personal identity, fear of losing control, conflicts over sexuality & intimacy, self-acceptance) Small outbursts of anger,
Acne-Not accepting or a disliking of ones self.

Stubborn Refusal to let go of old patterns.

Tightening our thoughts through fear.

Being inflexible, stuck in your ideas, rigid

Varicose Veins
Standing in a situation you hate. Feeling over worked & over burdened.

Little expressions of hate. Feeling or believing your ugly.

A need for mental rest

Fear of acceptance, feeling unworthy or fear of rejection.

Zoo Phobia
Fear of accepting life’s gifts & joy


The Journey into Self: How to Use Guided Imagery to Empower Your Life and Heal Physically and Emotionally, by Charles D. Leviton
YOUR BODY’S TELLING YOU: Love Yourself, by Lise Bourbeau
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