Easier to Die Than to Heal

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“It is easier for me to just simply die than to have to change myself,” Irmina’s client informed her. A number of months went by and, indeed, she received word of her dear client’s passing. Rarely does a client speak these words openly. However, it is a very prevalent attitude, one that most of us have. It is also the reason that treating many maladies ends in failure. Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, Heart Disease and likely all physical illness is a result of our emotional imbalance. In other cases, clients simply want to purchase healing. So many times we just want to pull out our wallet and pay to have our problem fixed. My wife had an example of a lady truly offering her a house in exchange for healing her hip rather than having to go through a hip replacement procedure for which there was not a good prognosis. However, she wasn’t interested in working with Irmina to do it, and once she discovered that it could not simply be done instantly, the lady went away.

This is not just some hair-brained concept that Irmina or the alternative medicine community has cooked up.  Well known and respected for his work in treating cancer, Dr. Carlos Garcia writes, “Cancer as all other chronic illnesses are not the dys-eases, [dys when used as a prefix means abnormal, difficult, or painful.], but are the physical manifestation of the underlying issue(s).”  So, what are these underlying issues?

We all have underlying issues. How we deal with them is a deciding factor on how they will manifest. Irmina’s all time favorite movie is “Some Like it Hot” with Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon, among others.  Jerry (Jack Lemmon) has been impersonating a woman and carrying on flirtatiously with Osgood (Joe E. Brown). In the end, it’s necessary to come clean that she is really a he. “Look, you don’t understand, Osgood! Oh…..I’m a MAN!” Osgood’s response is simply, “Nobody is perfect.” This is a difficult truth that each of us must recognize if we wish to either prevent or heal chronic illness.

But what is our reaction to our physician or healer when they begin to probe for these underlying issues? Is life precious enough to us that we are willing to hear about how we harbor judgment, worry, fear, intolerance and a bevy of other emotions? And if we accept that these emotions are present, have they become so much a part of our persona that we simply will not release them? Often, as a Distant Healer, like my wife’s beloved client at the beginning of this piece, it just requires too much energy to let go so that healing can occur. Other times, the client is angry that the healer is being judgmental by telling them that they have these emotions. Again, it must be stressed, whether a client seeks traditional western medical treatment or an alternative, like Bio-Energy Healing, only symptoms can be treated if the underlying issues are not addressed.

Love and Light,
Ron Stiles
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