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Feng Fu (GV 16)

Window of Heaven – Feng Fut


English Name:  Wind/Spirit Mansion Pinyin Name:  Feng Fu Chinese Character:  風府 Feng Fu Point is found at the base of the skull just below the bottom ridge of the skull cap at the top of the neck, directly above midpoint of posterior hairline, directly below external occipital protuberance, in depression of trapezium muscle. Sometimes it seems that you […]

your foods

Food Combining Rules for Healthy Digestion‎


   There are physiological reasons for eating foods in compatible combinations, because some foods, if mixed in the digestive system, will cause distress. The principles of food combining are dictated by digestive chemistry. Dr. Herbert M. Shelton found that different foods are digested differently: Starchy foods require an alkaline digestive medium which is supplied initially in the […]