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Agni Yoga is a spiritual teaching transmitted by the artist Nicholas Roerich and his wife Helena Roerich from 1920. The followers of Agni Yoga believe that the teaching was given to the Roerich family and their associates by Master Morya, the guru of H. P. Blavatsky, a founder of the Theosophical Society. In the seventeen volumes of Agni Yoga that have been translated into English from the original Russian, as well as in the letters of Helena Roerich, the Agni Yoga teaching is also referred to as the Teaching of Living Ethics, the Teaching of Life, the Teaching of Light, or simply as “the Teaching.”

Fire and the New Era

Agni means “fire” in Sanskrit — the Creative Fire of the Universe. The fire god Agni is a major deity in the Vedic pantheon, especially in the Rig Veda. Agni and fire have a broad spectrum of meanings in the Agni Yoga books. They often refer to: the primordial light and life at the root of the universe; cosmic energy, or the “Fire of Space”; and “psychic energy,” the powers of the human mind and heart, particularly those manifesting in love, thought, and creativity. In general, fire is a powerful transformative energy, a swift, subtle, connective force of high vibration. Agni Yoga states that humanity is entering the New Era of Satya Yuga (Light), having just left the previous era of Kali Yuga (darkness) in which the flow of cosmic fire pouring onto the Earth will intensify. There is danger that the lack of spiritual synthesis (i.e. the inability of humanity to recognize the existence of Higher Fiery Energy Forces) will block these Energies from being transmuted by humanity into the crust of the earth where they would stabilize the molten magma under the surface. Without such transmutation by humanity, these energies wlll turn negative and destructive and bring on earthquakes and other upheavals. The situation is exacerbated by humanity’s misuse of “fire”: not only such gross fires as combustion and electricity, but also the subtler fires of thought and feeling.If humanity and our planet are to survive, we need to be able to consciously accept this powerful energy from space and transform it into a constructive force.In accomplishing this, we first must purify and refine our psychic energy, the subtle force at the root of our emotions, perceptions, and thoughts. This gradual process involves expansion of consciousness, as well as the kindling of the subtle energy centers in the human organism and the transmutation of their fires.

The Agni Yoga Series

The Agni Yoga teaching was given out in the following books: All the texts made available for download here are under copyright protection, with the copyrights held by the Agni Yoga Society, Inc. The Society offers the texts for free downloading under the principle that the Teaching should be available to everyone. But please note the following restrictions: The texts may be downloaded for your own use, or copied for the use of others. They may not be modified in any way, nor may they be used for any commercial purpose.

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Leaves of Morya’s Garden Vol. I
Leaves of Morya’s Garden Vol. II
New Era Community
Agni Yoga
Infinity I
Infinity II
Fiery World I
Fiery World II
Fiery World III
Supermundane I
Supermundane II
Supermundane III
Supermundane IV
Letters of Helena Roerich Volume I
Letters of Helena Roerich Volume II
On Eastern Crossroads
Foundations of Buddhism
Agni Yoga Glossary

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  1. Claudomir May 5, 2014 at 12:34 Permalink

    One year ago the Master blessed me with the acquaintance of the Teachings of Agni Yoga and since then so many things have become clearer and not a single day goes by without the Beauty, Love and Knowledge that they bring to the Fiery Spirit!
    A poem to Our Lord


    How deeply I yearn for Thee,
    Oh Father!
    In the currents of a pure feeling
    I want to reach Thee,
    Over the Silver Chord
    that unites Thy Heart to mine.

    My wings do not yet support me
    in daring flight and could burn,
    if Thou do not sustain them.
    Only Thy Presence
    will quench this yearning!
    Only Thy Warmth
    will make this heart afire!

    If to desire Thee
    attracts the Cosmic Magnet,
    that seeks the balance
    of the Fiery Creative Currents,
    I long for Thee, Oh Beloved,
    like a drowning person
    In a raging sea,
    craves for the saving plank
    That will rescue the life
    that seemed lost.

    I am one of Thy Emanated Seeds
    That yearns for fusion
    with its Father- Creator!

    How many Eons have past,
    Oh Beloved,
    When in purity Thou send me
    to pursue the Path of Life!
    In Thy Presence lived
    in innocence my being
    Realm of the Pure Light,
    Paradise of Souls!
    But to return in victory,
    First, I had to leave Thee!
    Dressed with Materia Matrix,
    My light was covered as I descended,
    Until I reached the Astral Light
    that enshrouded the World.

    So beautiful was the Anima Mundi,
    that I longed to possess It!
    I thought that this light was Thee!
    What a terrible delusion, Oh Lord!
    Matter enshrouded my Soul
    and I lost consciousness of everything!

    I did not see Thee
    but I remembered Thee,
    and in moments of the greatest darkness,
    Thou were that sublime reminiscence
    of Beauty and Goodness,
    The Sacred,
    that uplifted me to the Light
    for a twinkling!

    lust intoxicated my senses
    and immersed in the passions
    that veiled in me
    the pure currents of Thy Ray,
    I forgot Thee!

    Lost was the happiness
    caused by Thy Presence,
    and darkness became dense around me.
    I suffered intensely
    by the constant illusion of believing
    That there could be continuity,
    when everything showed me
    the impermanence of Matter!

    Dissatisfaction and anguish
    were my constant companions,
    Dormant was Thy Light in me
    and confusion the habitat of my Soul!
    A shout for help
    from the deep abyss of my being
    cried for Thee!
    And as One who awaits
    an expected signal,
    Forgiving my treason,
    and Feeling compassion for my Soul
    Thou Descendest to remind me,
    The Sacred Path of Return to Thee.

    Today I walk Thy Fiery Path!
    Path of Perfection
    for the ardent spirit!
    Beloved at last I know Who Thou Are!
    Thy name inflames the Chalice of Achievement!
    Torn was the veil
    that obscured my consciousness!
    I will reach Thee Oh Lord!
    And repeating within my heart,
    Now and through Eternity
    Here and in Infinity
    I shall say,
    I Love Thee, Oh Lord!

    Inspired by our holy Mother Helena Roerich, The Association for Women’s
    Global Unity was born again two years ago. In Spanish it reads AUMM,
    (Associación Unidad Mundial de la Mujer) and its purpose its to aquanit
    woman with her lofty mission of being the the Mother of the New Humanity by
    bringing her in contact with the Divine Feminine Principle of Creation or
    the Mother of the World.
    Perhaps a poem will express it better.
    Helena I. Roerich

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