Irmina Stiles (known as Irmina Santaika), was born in Kaunas, Lithuania. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Child Psychology/Pedagogy. Irmina also is a Religious Art Artist and a Healer who specializes in producing Healing Sounds, which are comprised of vocals and nature sounds that are charged with Healing Prayer.

From early childhood Irmina understood that there is not only the world around us that we see based on our own personal understanding, but another space that we all perceive in a much deeper way in our true center. Everyone has their own conception of the world as they see it.

Her first Spiritual Teacher was her grandmother, Liucija, whose feelings and experience were Irmina’s guide to more deeply understand God and the spiritual world around us. She exposed Irmina to the use of foods, plants, all elements of nature to achieve good health and spiritual balance. Liucija also integrated Irmina into her own diverse group of intellectuals that she socialized with, allowing Irmina to exchange views and ideas pertaining to creation, existence and the concepts of life.

In 1983, attending Vilnius Justinas Vienozinskis Art School, Irmina studied Visual Arts and Art History, desperately increasing her search for answers to life and existence. 

In 1984 Irmina began studies in Psychology/Pedagogy at Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences and in 1986, she left Art School to concentrate her attention on earning a degree in Early Childhood Psychology and Pedagogy. She found the combination of study in Human Anatomy and Physiology, Art Therapy, Music, Child and Family Psychology to be invigorating and inspirational.

Upon her graduation in 1989 from the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, Irmina began working as an Early Childhood Education Instructor. However, she felt that the conventional training that she had received and was using, lacked the necessary answers. Irmina felt that her world had collapsed. The need to fill this void moved her to attend some classes at the Vilnius Academy of Parapsychology.

Leaving the academy after a short time, she continued to study personally under some amazing teachers and healers that she met there.

Most notable of these teachers was a Siberian healer and Shaman that Irmina met in 1996, with whom she studied and practiced Shamanic Energy Healing for several years. Her teachings included Shamanic Energy Healing: Deep Tissue, Trigger Point and Color Massage Therapies, Chiropractic, Hypnosis, Visualization, Shamanic Sound and Breath Techniques. During this time she also began studying Agni Yoga in which she received her affirmation and Personal Mantra.

Irmina began using this knowledge and experience in her private practice of healing in Lithuania in 1998. Two years later, she moved to Switzerland and renewed her studies in Arts to mastering Oil Painting, Pottery and Sculpture. At the same time she began concentrating her attention on the use and application of Essential Oils and the incorporation of Hatha Yoga in her healing practice, particularly the Tibetan Rituals.

Irmina moved to the United States in 2008. Continuing her search for healing methods, she became certified in “Yoga for the Special Child” in 2011, through the Sonia Sumar Method, studying under Sivakami. This new knowledge has provided additional means for her to help others and herself.

Irmina Santaika now happily resides in Virginia Beach, VA with her husband, a Novelist and Technical Proposal Writer who practices Yoga and Martial Arts. She have a private practice “Healing Art for Whole Family”, in which Irmina provides Sacred Healing consultations for children and their parents. Her methods involve the use of Visualization, Art and Sound Therapies.

In her free time she enjoys painting Sacred and Religious Art Icons, taking care of her plants, walking along the beach, traveling and spending quality time with her beloved husband, Ronald.