45 min Sacred Healing Consultation with Irmina Santaika

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General Terms for Use of Services

  1. Client agrees that the services provided by HAC are therapeutic in nature, intended for relaxation, personal growth and self-improvement. Client further understands that any services provided here are Irmina Santaika’s “Healing Art for Whole Family” Private Practice: Essential Oils, Guided Visualization, Art and Sound Therapies. These services are not recognized licensed medical practices. Client always should see a qualified medical or mental health professional for any mental or physical ailment of which Client is aware. Client understands that HAC practitioners are not qualified to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any physical or mental illness, and nothing said in the course of any service provided should be construed as such.
  2. Client therefore understands that such services provided, and practitioner(s) providing them are therefore not subject to licensure, certification, or oversight by the State of Virginia. In seeking these services, Client agrees that she/he has satisfied him or herself that the provider’s training and qualifications are adequate for Client’s needs.
  3. Although the risks of injury or harm from the services offered are exceptionally low, there is always some possibility of unexpected consequences or harm. Client enters into this agreement for services voluntarily, and agrees that, provided that the practitioner has taken reasonable precautions and acted and provided services in accordance with generally recognized professional and ethical standards for similar services, Client will not hold the practitioner, owner, or other individuals or entities associated with HAC responsible or liable for any injury or harm Client may suffer as a result of client’s decision to seek such services.
  4. Client also understands that any illicit or sexually suggestive remarks, actions, or advances made by him or her will result in immediate termination of the session, and Client will be liable for payment for the full value of the session without right of refund or discount.

Terms Relating to Scheduling and Cancellation

Client understands that the online scheduling services offered by HAC are a convenience, and are provided as-is and without warranty. Any use by Client of HAC online scheduling services is subject to the following terms:

  1.  Appointments are tentative until confirmed. When Client makes an appointment request and pays for services, Client understands that the appointment booked preferred date/time range is not guaranteed unless and until Client receives a written notice of confirmation of appointment via email from HAC.
  2. Appointments are subject to change or cancellation. HAC makes its best effort to keep all appointments once confirmed, but sometimes, due to unavoidable circumstances such as (without limitation) HAC staff illness, unavoidable or unexpected scheduling conflicts HAC may need to reschedule. HAC will make every reasonable effort to notify Client as soon as it becomes aware of any such change, and will endeavor to provide a convenient time to reschedule. In no circumstances will HAC be liable for any consequential or other damages as a result of failure to provide such services, and in any case, HAC’s liability will limited to be the cost of services provided.
  3. HAC maintains a cancellation/reschedule policy as follows: For all single-person appointments, 24 hours notice of cancellation or reschedule is required. If an appointment is cancelled after the required notice period, the cost of the session will be charged to the client. The only exceptions to this are verifiable medical emergencies.

Terms relating to Purchases, Refunds, Credit Card Guarantees and Prepaid Services

  1. Client specifically authorizes payment of any current or future charges, including any charges for missed or late-cancelled appointments, to be charged to any credit card or checking account information that Client has provided to HAC. Client further consents to receiving reminders for appointments and/or offers from HAC via email and/or SMS message unless Client specifically requests to be excluded from such services. HAC does not provide insurance billing, nor accepts insurance assignment; all fees are due at the time service is rendered.
  2. If Client purchases any prepaid services, Client acknowledges that the transaction for such services is complete at the time of the purchase of the services, and that payments are non-refundable. If Client is unable to use the services, Client may, in most circumstances, transfer services to another person, subject to the limitations described with the purchase of such services. Services provided and prepaid services sold are non-refundable. HAC will not refund purchases for services under any circumstances.
  3. Client agrees not to submit any stop payment, chargeback, or other attempts to reverse fund payments unless Client has first contacted HAC to discuss and attempt resolution of the issue, and allowing HAC a reasonable time (7 days) to investigate and resolve the dispute. If Client submits a stop payment or chargeback request before contacting HAC, Client agrees to pay to HAC an administrative fee of $25 to cover the necessary time and effort to investigate and respond to the chargeback request.
  4. If Client stops or reverses payment or charges back a payment without basis, HAC reserves the right to submit such chargeback to collection, report to credit reporting agencies, and take other steps to recover its losses.

Revisions and updates
HAC may update this Agreement from time to time. It is the responsibility of the Client to check periodically for updates or changes to these Terms and Conditions.

Binding agreement
The Client, by use of this website PayPal Payment system, or contacting HAC and scheduling an appointment or making a purchase, agrees to be bound to the above terms and conditions. Only a designated owner or manager of HAC is empowered to make any changes or exceptions to the above policies, and any such changes shall be documented in writing.